Emma's debut

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Well that debut was....interesting lol. Santino/Emma vs Fandango/Summer Rae is going to be set soon I guess? This was an odd way to bring Emma up really, and Santino returning was a bit of a surprise. I guess this could work as filler during Raw and Superstars. Don't know what to really make of these two lol.
  2. I imagine it's to bring the feud between Emma and Summer Rae on NXT to the big stage. Even though recently Bayley and Natalya have had more problems with the BFFS (Summer Rae, Charlotte, Sasha Banks) than Emma has been.
  3. Isn't Emma a comedy-like character? Or just very silly, if so then I think it makes sense. People love Santino (marks at least, I think, actually idk anymore) so it could help get her over.
  4. Emma's whole gimmick on NXT is being the bubbly dancer that has been represented on RAW in the past couple weeks. She is pretty damn solid in the ring. As for the Santino situation, she's paired up with him because she paired up with him on his previous return in an episode of NXT a few months ago to face Fandango and Summer Rae IIRC.
  5. As much as I love her, I'm already ready to throw in the towel. "Comedy chick" are two separate words that doom you in 2014. Throw in Michael Cole doing the dance and it couldn't possibly be any more lame on top of that.

    There's 2 ways this can work... one way is to bring up the original gimmick from NXT as the chick who's in her own little bubble and think she's great at everything while tripping on the ropes, falling into crossbodies, and thinking she's the best dancer ever with her wacky arm motions before the dance organically catches on and then just let her naturally get over. Or you can just put the randomness up to 11 and let her do the Shopping Cart Shuffle.

    nah, who am I kidding, there's like 5 people who won't either be pissing or judging her on her cup size anyway. She'll do fine.
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  6. Laughing at the thought of all the basement-dwellers who've never touched a boob (unless you count theirs and their mothers') pissing and moaning because Emma's aren't big enough.

    Oh, and if the "basement-dweller" comment offended you, you're probably one of the people I'm laughing at.

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  7. I thought it was funny, Santino's a pimp.
  8. That debut was laughable. Paige should of been the one to debut on the main roster not Emma
  9. Isn't Paige injured? She'll get her turn anyway.

    It wasn't the greatest of debuts, but it was fun.
  10. I swear they only debuted her on this RAW with Santino because it was the first live RAW in Australia.
  11. Personally this is worse

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  12. I really dislike Emma's theme music though. It's like someone took acid and then went on the keyboard and fucked around with it.
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  13. Wait, that's her theme music?
  14. Yep
  15. Sad but true.
  16. It's called "Short Term Memory" for a reason though hehe.
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  17. Lol'ed right there with ya man.

    That entire "ugh, 4/10 would not bang" crowd probably watches a lot of TV and are just numb to all these bikini models, seen it all and it would take something really special to knock them out in that regard... but most of them, if you take someone who's equally as beautiful as the chicks they say aren't hot on the internet and have them meet up in real life, they'd faint.
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  18. Emma>Paige
  19. For a diva debut it was boring.

    I was expecting AJ to do a promo and maybe spot Emma in the crowd and maybe invite her to the ring and they can just duke it out or whatever. They could of done so much more... :((
  20. Paige isnt injured it was reported she actually had time off for some personal reason thats why she wasent at the tapings. She back now and film the recent tapings
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