Emma's Pelvic thrusting

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Not very PG


    Another HQ thread brought to you by D'Z
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  2. I'd like to think she was thrusting at Santino for Kayfabe reasons :troll:
  3. I refuse to care about Divas, but if I were going to care, it would probably be about Emma. Idk why, she's sort of cool though.

    Way cooler than that charisma-devoid pale skinny lame ass goth emo waste of a push Paige.
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  4. GOAT thread. :gusta:
  5. dude your lack of an avatar is driving me bonkers. you gotta fix it for me bb
  6. Same in regards to not caring about the Diva's division. Have you not heard? I take my shit break during any Divas match or segment.

    You would bang Paige though?

    Welcome to the UK.
  7. I would bang Paige, but only if she said please and only because I'm a 23 year old male without much self control when it comes to that.

    edit: and only if she let me bust on the Divas title and tweet it out afterward.
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  8. haha, took it off a couple of weeks ago and haven't bothered readding one, guess I'll go back to the old one for you bbygurl

    And Dolph and Emma have been tag teaming on the house show circuit lately, stuck out to me since it's the people we mark for in one team, but that paring actually sounds like money on TV
  9. We both know DZ deserves so much better, but hell, if he gets tv time period at this point I'm not bitching, so what the hey. Can't wait to see him job to Rusev next Monday.
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  10. Totally used to wrench the neck more, tsk tsk tsk
  11. #ThankYouD'Z
  12. #isupportemmashipthrusting

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  13. Only D'Z man, only D'Z
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