Kayfabe EMPIRE

The Anarchist

The Artiste
*The camera begins to pan around the arena, which is rather dark the lights are dropped and you can only hear the roar of the crowd and a little bit of the front row. Suddenly a small amount of pyrotechnics go off and the lights go to a blue colour and begin to circle around the arena. The ring announcer then begins to speak as the crowd are chanting "EMPIRE"
Terra Blaze: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to EMPIRE Wrestling. As of orders by our Chairman, please welcome, The Anarchist, Izabella and Antonio Stark.
*The crowd begin to boo loudly at the mention of The Stark family. After about 30 seconds Antonio's music hits to a loud reception of boos and a few cheers*

*The crowd are surprised as all members of The Stark Family are dressed in suits. All looking less like there rebel selves. Antonio gets into the ring but before doing so holds the ropes open for both his father and his wife, they all climb into the ring with microphones in hand. The rowdy crowd begin to chant Antonio's name, he's somewhat thrown of by this as he is usually booked in most places.
Antonio Stark: Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to EMPIRE Wrestling!!
Antonio looks over at Izabella and smiles and then looks over to Anarchist and also smiles*
Do you feel that!? This is what it is all about people. The energy in this arena is electrically. Alot of you are probably wondering why is the Starks are wearing bloody suits. Don't get me wrong this thing is itchy as hell and I hate it but this is business. Empire is ours, this company now belongs to us. How you wonder? Well, money goes far. I've worked my arse off for far too long to sit back and watch a company become a sinking ship. I rest assured that this isn't a rebrand. This is something you've never seen before baby!! Before you ask, no I'm not gonna be a biased person and give myself a World Heavyweight Title match straight away, however what I am going to do is have a tournament, whoever wins this will be the World Heavyweight Champion. I tell you now that I'm not slacking about when I say this company will see the biggest signings in wrestling today, and I will not disappoint you on that. Today's Empire will change the face of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, AND I SAY PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING AND NOT SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. CAUSE WE ARE IN FREAKIN NEW YORK BABY! SO, now let me hand you over to my wonderful and fantastic wife Izabella.
*The crowd cheer after the passion shown by Antonio Stark, Izabella has the mic and begins to talk.
Izabella Stark: I think Tony summed it up rather well there and I can't really add much to that. Except welcome to EMPIRE and make sure you have a good time. As Tony said, we are planning on making the biggest signings in Pro Wrestling today and I will be the first to say we won't disappoint you. We have been the bad guys in the industry for far to long and it's time to give back to you people. Now go grab a hotdog. Please don't try and kill your friends with it. Enjoy the show and remember, We are going to build an EMPIRE.
The crowd roar in excitement and seem to be happy about what's going on they begin to chant "Let's go Starks" And Tony speaks into the camera and you can just make out what he is saying, "this is what it's all about my friends, this is the passion, this is how we build an Empire"
The Anarchist quickly grabs the mic and speaks into it, only saying one sentence
The Anarchist: And if you are not down with that, We will kick your head darn off your shoulders. ENJOY THE SHOW!!
The family leave the ring shaking and high fiving fans as they leave.
A few minutes later. A camera pans to the backstage area where Antonio is standing, slowly he takes off his shoes and then his blazer. He then takes of the shirt he was wearing revealing his upper body covered tattoos, the camera zooms into one date 21-01-1998, on the same day he started rebuilding Empire, he speaks softly.
What a birthday present aha
As the camera pans out it shows Antonio in his wrestling gear and he says softly again.
I can't give it all up now can I? I'm not no cooperate monster. Let's do this.
Izabella looks on at Antonio and smiles
End of segment

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