Kayfabe End Of An Era

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  1. *Reaper is seen standing in front of Ben Song's throne he has a sledgehammer in his hands*
    Reaper: Now Disciples I know that you thought I would be here to talk about my opponent JJ Colton but honestly he isn't even in the top ten of things I care about right now. No what I'm here to do is to tear down the once legendary throne of one Ben Song who has disrespected you The Disciples as well as The Webmaster and myself.
    *Reaper turns around and begins to destroy the throne of Ben Song. The Webmaster walks into frame*
    The Webmaster: As my compadre and everyone's favorite demon Reaper lays waste to the most unfaithful man in the universe Ben Song. I suppose I should address JJ Colton and how Reaper is planning to beat him. Well that's easy Reaper is going to do what he does best. He's going to bulldoze JJ to the floor and repeatedly slam his head into the floor before he pins him and becomes the Iron Man Champion.
    *Reaper turns around with a grin painted over his face while the camera fades to black*