Kayfabe End of Luis vs. Des vs. H

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The Artiste
*H recieves a huge Superkick from Luis, knocking him on his ass. It is then that Des rushes back in the ring, hitting Luis from behind with a Double Axe Handle to the back of the head. Des then picks Luis up and hits him with the Fisherman Suplex, to which Luis rolls out of the ring clutching his back afterwards. It is then that Des notices H getting up to one knee. Des takes a step back ready to hit the Skull Piersing, when Lukey rushes down to ringside, grabbing Des' heel.
Des turns his attention to Lukey, threatening Lukey to get out, whom just raises his hands and backs up as if he did nothing wrong. H, who has now gotten to his feet, uses this opportunity to deliver a knee to Des' back, forcing him onto the bottom rope. Lukey then uses this opportunity to charge at Des, hitting him with the Drive-By Dropkick.
H then pulls the unconscious Des to the center of the ring for the cover. And as the ref begins the count, Luis tries to slide into the ring to break up the cover, however Lukey grabs on to his legs, keeping him away long enough for H to get the 3-count.
H then quickly slips from the ring as Lukey releases Luis' feet, and the two back up the ramp, H victorious in his big return match*
Honorable Mentions: @SupaHeeroh @Hybrid @LukeTheGreatFTW
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