End of Year Awards 2014

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    It's that time of year again. Forum anniversary and the yearly awards to go with it.
    Crayo started this last year and I'm continuing this every year from now on.
    You must have 50 posts to submit your nominations, and these can only be submitted ONCE.
    Please use EXACT usernames or links to profiles.
    If you have any suggestions for awards for 2015, this is the thread for it.
    Thanks everyone! :bodallas:

    (obvious troll nominations will be ignored btw)

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  2. Oh, and submissions will be closed December 31st.
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  3. What? No overrated category? :sad:
  4. You must be trying to win an award lol
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  5. Got it in real quick.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Man, this is hard as hell to fill out.... I need to think a lot about this.
  8. So, Can we leave out the one's we don't want/ or know to fill in? Or do we have to fill it all in?
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  9. Just put N/A if you don't want to vote on one.
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  10. Crayo actually started it two years ago. :burns:
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  11. Alrighty, Quick and easy! Submitted. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Sounds like something Aids would say so he can bring up how he enjoys getting eclipsed in IWT for no reason at all.
  13. It was brought up in the staff section actually. Point was "if we have underrated we should have overrated" IIRC
  14. Basically I wanted to win an award. ^
  15. My only concern are those who change their names. I nominated Aids' for one and used the handle he's using at the moment.

    I've got to say Hall of Famer is very prestigious and I'm glad I was able to vote on it. (I didn't vote myself at all by the way)
    It was fun.
  16. Done. Skipped quite a few categories since I'm no longer active in many sections.
  17. It's a shame that the biggest fanboy didn't make it to the ballot this year. Certainly not because I wanted to win it or anything.:burns:
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  18. voted you for most annoying, don't worry.
  19. You took the overrated slot for me so all is well.