End of year wrestling awards?

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  1. As it's nearly the end of the year why not have some end of the year awards?


    • Wrestler of the year
    • Feud of the year
    • Match of the year
    • PPV of the year
    • Promotion of the year

    I'd be glad to host them if noone else can be bothered.
  2. I think these should be saved for like 29th/30th December, at least till after the last RAW of 2012 as you never know what may or may not happen. That's on the 31st December.

    Wrestler of the year - Austin Aries
    Feud of the year - Chikara vs. GEKIDO
    Match of the year - Threemendous III Ladder Match (PWG)
    PPV of the year - TNA Bound For Glory
    Promotion of the year - Chikara


    Wrestler of the year - Hiroshi Tanahashi or Kazuchika Okada
    Feud of the year - Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada
    Match of the year - Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW 40th Anniversary PPV)
    PPV of the year - NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling
    Promotion of the year - NJPW
  4. Yeah, I know. Just thought I'd make the suggestion now.
  5. Sure, go ahead. There is one problem however, is it going to be global or just WWE? If it's going to be global then we don't really have a section for it, unless we put it in "Other Wrestling".

    I'll make it an header announcement when it's made however.
  6. Definitely global. I'll put it in there then. There really should be a General Wrestling Discussion forum for this kinda stuff though.
  7. Use this thread.

  8. He means actual wrestlers, not site awards.
  9. couldn't even tell the difference. :dawg:
  10. I thought it was made clear with the wrestling related awards in the OP, but I guess some people can't read very well :pity1:
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  11. could've been wrestling related awards for this forum.
  12. Re: RE: End of year wrestling awards?

    Aries doesn't post here though, it's probably Testify actually.
  13. I didn't know there were wrestlers, PPV's, feuds, matches and promotions that took place on this forum :dawg:
  14. Re: RE: End of year wrestling awards?

    We have had loads of feuds tbf.
  15. thought you were naming the awards as wrestling related style.

    could've just made a normal thread asking us with that list. :dawg:
  16. Wrestler of the year: CM Punk
    Feud of the year: Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk
    Match of the year: Undertaker VS Triple H
    PPV of the year: WM28
    Promotion of the year: RAW
  17. Thanks on aknowledging me by my actual name and who I am.
  18. Closing this. It would be cool to host this competition after our end of year awards.
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