Kayfabe Ending/After Pierson V Frost

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  1. Patrick Evans: Tyson with a nice reversal, he's setting Des up for the Beat Drop Stunner!

    *Des slips out of Tyson's grasp and pushes him towards the ropes before kicking him in the gut sending him down on one knee, the fans are going crazy.*

    Evans: Des is backing up, we know what he's going for...OH MY GOD!!!

    *Des hits a thunderous Skull Piersing, nearly sending Tyson out of the ring, the fans all gasp at the horrific kick to Tyson's temple. Des drags Tyson to the middle of the ring and picks up the three count.*

    Evans: Jesus, I've never seen Des Pierson kick anyone as hard as he just kicked Tyson Frost...Des....you can just feel how uncomfortable the crowd is right now....Tyson just came back from a concussion and I'm not sure if Tyson was fully recovered enough to take a shot like that to his head.

    *The only sound that can be heard as Des makes his way back up the ramp is his theme, the crowd erriely silent after seeing the finish. Tyson is still lying on his back, knocked out.*

    Evans: Tyson hasn't moved. You can see our offical calling for the EMTs. I...I don't know....I can't tell if Tyson is even aware of where he is, here we go, let's look at this replay this time in slow motion.

    *A slow motion replay of the Skull Piersing is shown, the crowd grian when it shows Tyson's head snapping violently sideways thanks to Des' boot and the rest of his body twisting sidewards nearly falling out of the ring, after the replay, the EMTs have come out with a stretcher. Frost groggily sits up and looks to be unaware of his surroundings, a trickle of blood escaping a cut in the side of his head.*

    Evans: Tyson has seemingly woken up, he's obviously dazed and the EMTs are trying to get Tyson out of the ring so they can check on him.

    *Tyson grabs one of the EMTs and staggers to his feet, the EMTs trying to get Frost on the stretcher protest, but Tyson slowly and groggily makes his way out of the ring on his own. He grabs the back of his head, wincing slightly, he falls down on all fours repeatedly on his way back to the locker room, the crowd obviously worried about their Rave Master.*