Kayfabe Ending of Blackjack vs Tyson Frost

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Trash Boat

*During a long and brutal back and forth match, Tyson and Blackjack run at each other and knock each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. The referee starts counting as the two men lay on their backs, dazed, he gets up to a count of six when Blackjack starts stiring, he crawls over to the ropes and drags himself to his feet. At the same time, Tyson has started to push himself up off the mat. He gets up to his knees and the ref checks on him, Blackjack comes from behind the ref and throws him out of the way, giving Tyson the opportunity to low blow Blackjack.

Blackjack falls to the mat as the ref turns back to see Tyson picking Blackjack back up, Tyson hits Blackjack with a Tombstone Piledriver. He goes for the pin. 1...2...Blackjack barely gets the shoulder up. Tyson gets up and starts screaming at the ref, he grabs him by the collar and throws him backwards before Blackjack comes up from behind and spins Tyson around. He goes for an Ace Kick but Tyson ducks and low blows Blackjack with his forearm. The ref calls for the bell as Blackjack rolls around on the mat, clutching his recently attacked groin. Tyson gets in the ref's face again as the announcer begins talking.*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner....Blackjack!

*This sends Tyson into a rage, Blackjack has already left the ring and retreated backstage. He throws the ref across the ring and starts punching him in the face as a few more refs sprint down to the ring, they get in the ring as well as a few security guards, they surround Tyson. Two of the refs near the ramp side of the ring get dragged out, the people revealed to have dragged them out are Ty Creed and Jason Frost, Ty wearing his robe, Jason with a beer bottle in hand. Jason smashes the bottle over the head of one of the refs as Ty throws the other one into the ring post. The two slide into the ring.

Tyson, Jason and Ty clear the ring of the security and refs, making sure to throw them over the top rope, leaving the ref that disqualified Tyson in the ring. He begs Tyson not to hurt him, Tyson smirks then points over to Ty, the ref turns around into a vicious Knee Trember, he spins around with a bloody nose, Jason superkicks the ref, he spins around again with more blood pouring out of his nose. Tyson grabs the ref by his hair, smirks at the crowd and then hits him with a Frostbite. Tyson gets up and pushes Jason out of his way, he starts stomping onto the mat, and screaming at the front row. Jason leans over Tyson and spits out some beer before laughing maniacally.

The two brothers turn back and stand in the middle of the ring, Tyson and Ty shake hands before Jason pulls Ty into a rib crushing hug. Ty reluctantly pats Jason's back, Jason lets go and the three of them stand over the bloodied ref. Jason doing a gun symbol with his hand at the camera as Ty and Tyson do the Too Sweet symbol. Tyson's theme hits as we go to a commercial break.*

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