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The Artiste
*Luis is set up in the corner opposite of Tyson, preparing to charge as Tyson pulls himself to his feet with the help of the ropes. Then as he turns around, Luis runs at him full force, leaping for the Running Knee, however Tyson dives out of the way, causing Luis to slam into the turnbuckle. He quickly grabs at his knee as he forces himself up to his feet, but just as he gets up he is met with a huge Clothesline from Tyson, knocking him flat on the mat. It is then that Tyson starts calling for people to come out, and it isn’t long before we see War, Todd McKay and Lord Fireshock come charging out of the locker room and down the ramp. Boos can be heard flowing from the crowd as the Syndicate floods the ring*
Tony Eckert: You’ve got to be kidding me right now!
Minho: Are you surprised by this? Even against the likes of Alvarado, these guys are nothing without numbers on their side.
*Quickly Tyson assumes command, ordering McKay and War into action. War quickly rushes over to Luis, lifting him up off of the mat, however, Luis quickly snaps back into action, delivering back elbow after back elbow to the face of War, breaking free of his grasp. As McKay steps forward to grab Luis, he is met with a big Enzuigiri, sending him stumbling against the ropes*
Tony Eckert: Well, it seems like the champion isn't going down without a fight!
*As Luis turns back to the other two standing in the ring though, he is met with a Snap Shockplex (Perfect Plex) from Lord Fireshock*
Minho: So much for that...
*As Luis is grasping at his back in pain, War and McKay recover from the shots and quickly rush back over to Luis. War once again lifts Luis up off the mat, this time though he immediately lifts him up onto his shoulders in the Electric Chair position as McKay steps back in front of him. Then, as War tosses Luis onto the mat in front of him, McKay charges forward, delivering a devastating Kinshasa to lay out Luis on the mat*
Reese MaCleod: How is this even fair?!
Minho: Are you stupid?! It's not fair! These guys are pathetic!
Tony Eckert: Wait, what’s going on over there?
*The Syndicate gloats in the ring, taunting the crowd as the boos continue to grow. It is at this point that William McCoy rises to his feet unnoticed by the group. He removes both his jacket and tie, folding them up and laying them neat on his seat. After rolling up his sleeves, McCoy jumps the barricade to the crowd’s delight just as Tyson finally goes for the cover while the rest of the Syndicate continues to taunt in the corners. The ref begins the count, and McCoy quickly slips into the ring, breaking up the pin with a Double Axe-Handle right before the 3 count, causing the crowd to erupt with cheers. Hearing the count broken, the other members of the Syndicate turn to see McCoy in the ring, and by orders of an irritated Tyson, McKay and War jump on him. Dodging a big Clothesline from McKay, McCoy delivers a running single-leg dropkick to War, knocking him onto the mat. He then dives on top of him, delivering forearm after forearm to his face before being pulled off by McKay. McCoy quickly turns his attention to McKay, delivering a multitude of forearms to his face before War jumps back into things. The crowd begins to boo yet again as McCoy’s surprise attack comes to an end*
Reese MaCleod: No! He was just trying to do the right thing!
Minho: And he is stupid for it.
*McKay and War quickly jump on McCoy, both beating him into a corner as Tyson again tells them to set up their devastating tag team maneuver, this time on McCoy. It is here that War pulls McCoy from the corner and lifts him up into the Electric Chair position, McKay backing up once again*
*As the music hits, Emerson comes running down the ramp*
Tony Eckert: Maybe it’s not so stupid after all, as more opposition to The Syndicate’s tyranny has arrived!
Minho: We’ll see.
*As Emerson rushes into the ring, McKay quickly jumps on him by orders of Tyson, meanwhile McCoy is able to use the distraction to counter the Electric Chair from War into a Hurricanrana. Emerson is able to shove McKay off, him tripping over War. As both men struggle back to their feet, Emerson and McCoy spring into action, McCoy beating War into one side of the ring with repeated forearms, and Emerson beating McKay into the opposite side with repeated kicks to his left leg. Then, almost in perfect sync, Emerson delivers a big Roundhouse Kick to the head of McKay and McCoy delivers a Spinning Back Kick to the gut of War, causing both men to collapse to the mat. McKay quickly struggles to get back on his hands and knees while War gets back up to one knee. Emerson and McCoy then look at each other with a nod before charging towards each other. The two cross by each other before Emerson delivers a jaw-breaking Not-So Shining Wizard to War and McCoy delivers a whiplashing Death Blossom (Curb Stomp) to McKay. Both men then roll out of the ring, struggling to get back to their feet, and Emerson and McCoy look at each other yet again. As the men on the outside get back up, Emerson and McCoy yet again charge past each other. McCoy dives through the ropes with a Tope Suicida on War and Emerson leaps over the ropes with a Tope Con Hilo to McKay, sending all four men crashing into the barricades*
Reese MaCleod: Holy crap! What amazing teamwork by those two!
Tony Eckert: Yeah, but now the numbers are still against the champion.
Tyson Storm: Forget about them!
*Tyson yells this to Fireshock as he turns his attention back to a groggy Luis. Tyson lifts Luis back to his feet over by the ropes near the commentary table, holding him up from behind*
Tyson Storm: It’s time we end this!
*Getting the hint, Fireshock moves over to them, taking a step back to prepare for the Burning Lights Superkick*
Minho: I’ve had enough of this bull..
Reese MaCleod: What are yo-?
*Over at the commentary table, Minho throws off his headset, rushing over to the ring. Just as Lord Fireshock goes for the kick, Minho grabs his legs, pulling him out of the ring. The crowd erupts with cheers again and Tyson quickly drops Luis back to the mat, pointing and yelling at Minho while Lord Fireshock looks at him in utter shock and disgust*
Lord Fireshock: You insignificant piece of-!
*Fireshock quickly goes for the Burning Lights Superkick on Minho, but Minho ducks it and the kick connects with Tyson’s hand, causing him to yell out in pain. Fireshock quickly tries to check on his ally, but Minho grabs him from behind and throws him into the steel steps shoulder first. Fireshock struggles to get back to his feet, in agony from the pain caused to his right shoulder. Minho would then take a few steps back, and as Fireshock gets to his feet, Minho delivers the Trouble in Paradise, causing him to collapse onto the steel steps nearly unconscious*
*Tyson, shaking off the damage to his hand, then begins looking back and forth between the three men standing on the outside, each of them now stepping up onto the apron*
Tyson Storm: You guys think you can take me?
*The three men then step through the ropes moving into the ring*
Tyson Storm: Bring it on already! You guys are nothing compared to me!
*Tyson looks each man up and down, none moving towards him, yet the crowd continues to grow louder. He then steps forward, looking Minho dead in the eyes*
Tyson Storm: Especially not a snot-nosed, forgotten sensation like you. After all, did anyone even care you were out here tonight? Hell, I doubt anyone would have noticed if you had gotten fired after Winter Wonderland! You are irrelevant now, just like these two losers next to you! So get back on your imaginary high horse and get out of my ring!
*It is then that Minho delivers a well placed knee to Tyson’s jewels, forcing him to stumble back. The crowd is ecstatic, and the excitement only grows as Tyson turns into a Running Knee from the champion, laying him out flat on the mat. Luis then crawls into the cover, and the crowd counts along as the ref says-*
Jason Calvert: ONE….TWO….THREE!
*Luis’ music plays and the crowd is going crazy as the title remains around the waist of Ignition’s exceptional champion. War and McKay quickly move to pull their leader from the ring, the three of them backing up the ramp as Fireshock makes his way over to join them. The three of them yell at the men in the ring, meanwhile McCoy and Emerson hold the ropes open to invite them back in while Luis sits in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face as he watches them walk. The referee is handed the World Championship from the time keeper*
Mandy: Your winner and still the World Heavyweight Champion of Ignition..Luis Alvarado!

*It is then that Minho steps up, taking the World Championship from the referee as Luis moves back to his feet. As Emerson and McCoy make sure that the Syndicate exit the arena, Luis and Minho stand off in the ring. Minho then extends the title to Luis, who grabs on, but when he goes to pull it away Minho doesn’t release it. Mixed reactions can be heard from the crowd until Minho does release the belt. Luis places the title on his shoulder, still staring down with Minho as Emerson and McCoy watch on until the PPV comes to an end*
Honorable Mentions; @Hybrid @SupaHeeroh @Finniis @Frosty @Fireshock @MintMidget69 @Papa Franku's ear
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