England sucks balls at football

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Invented the sport, and yet the only time they can win the world cup is when the event is held on their soil. It's the only sport they even have (cricket lmao) and all of their best athletes play it, and yet they can't win the biggest prize. Nice work scrubs
  2. Could be worse we could create a "World Series" and contest it between teams from two countries.
  3. Let's try to stay on topic Seabs. I know it's impossible for you, but try.
  4. Yeah when America won the world cup it was amazing. Remember when... oh, wait.

    Dw at least you got amazing Dempsey representing.
  5. Fine then, how many English teams have won the Champion's League? How come the English Premiership is considered the best in the world? Our national team isn't as great as it's built up to be but it's still regarded as one of the best in the world by many people. Everyone knows you and Crayo have had a tiff so you've made this to try and antagonize him so let's not pretend you've made this as a serious topic.
  6. What a predictable response. try to stay on topic. If you want to make a thread about America sucking at soccer be my guest.
  7. England: 6th
    USA: 27th

  8. EPL clubs are made up of players from many a nationality, so it doesn't really do anything to dispute the fact that English footballers are overrated


    Again, how terribly relevant. Big difference: English fans think they are God's gift to the sport whereas Americans know our team isn't great.

    England- 1
    USA- 1

    does it sting?
  9. Thing is most English ppl would admit currently our national side is lacking. It's not our fault the media build us up as contenders everytime there's a major tournament then moan when we fall way short.

    Most fans over here know we aint all that and accept that yet we take pride in our country and our football stars and get behind them one hundred per cent at finals and tournaments we're English and we're proud.
  10. Man United had 8 UK players in their team tonight and didn't play the usual players in Cleverely and Smalling from the start.

    Man City have 6 I think in their first team. The two best teams in England (Man United beat MLS all stars 6-0 and 5-2, [email protected]).

    Not really irrelevant at all. You're an American, a bad football player, yet claim that England suck at football. I'm showing you facts, that England are ranked 6th in the world but beat Spain 1-0, will beat Uruguay every day of the week. Just perform bad at tournaments. You've lost yet again Dolph. Please, beat me in a debate with a topic I suck at and you're an expert in, you know, like homosexuality.
  11. They aren't as good as they're made out to be but to say they suck balls is ridiculous, look at players like Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Micah Richards, Gareth Barry and Joe Hart. Then you have the fringe players such as Adam Johnson, Walcott, Whickam, Kyle Walker and Jack Wilshere. England do have some good - great players.
  12. Great post. Will take into consideration next time I'm laughing at England for failing. But for every level headed fan such as yourself there is an elitist tool like Crayo making you look bad
  13. I love picking on Crayo about "soccer", but truth is, England is way better than Americans at "soccer".. No doubt. Spain has England beat though.
  14. Suck balls is hyperbole. Idk if you've noticed but I tend to use those a lot
  15. Our under 21's as well, are like 2nd best in the world behind a country no one is going to overtake in about 20 years - Spain.
  16. Nobody is comparing the US to England in soccer besides Crayo. I would never be dumb enough to think we are on their level. People over here don't care enough about the sport
  17. Earlier before this thread was started you posted England 1 - 1 USA. You were comparing then? Hypocrisy suits you.
  18. I wasn't comparing them, just letting you know that your great team drew with our terrible peasants

    that was in response to you being an elitist dick head saying you 'only discuss football with non americans'
  19. I can't wait to watch Spain beat England whenever they play in the Fifa tourney in, 2 years, or 3?
  20. That is comparing them, my god are you stupid sometimes. You randomly posted that score, insinuating that England were poor by comparing them to America with that scoreline. Sometimes I think you should watch less WWE and study terminology.
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