England vs Brazil discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Probably for myself. Couldn't be more pleased with Roy's selection today.
  2. Fapping over Neymar already. What a sexy guy.
  3. Fuck off that is not a pen.
  4. Hahaha yes saved and then Cleverely saves us.
  5. Wilshere & Rooney = World class.

    Wilshere can play or Barca imo, what a player.

    1-0 baby
  6. Apparently the Hart pen save was 'Williams esque' lol.
  7. Neymar not having a good game :neymar2:
  8. First save wasn't hard, but he got up and got the rebound which was good.
  9. What a performance in the first half. By far the best under Hodgson and one of the best in years.
  10. Yes i agree was expecting a game similar to england v italy
  11. Gonna watch second half of this, Scotland game sounds awful lol.
  12. Scotland just scored a cracking goal if anyone cares.
  13. Who scored?

    And watch this game. Wilshere, Cleverely, Rooney, Welback, Walcott and Gerrard have been incredible seriously. England are passing from in their half under pressure and everything, it seems like a different team.
  14. Mulgrew from a well worked freekick. And I don't think I can, it's not on the Scottish ITV and I can't access the English one from in my room. I actually have quite enjoyed England under Hodgson, but that sounds great.
  15. 1-1 fred cahill at fault
  16. Watching on stream now, how did he start? 4-2-3-1 with..?

    Gerrard DM
    Wilshire DM

    Walcott RW/M
    Milner LM/W
    Lampard AM


  17. Nope. 4-3-3 false 9 or as Clive "the retard" Tyldesley said "4-1-2-3" lmao.

    Gerrard as CDM, Cleverely and Wilshere as CM's, Welback and Walcott as Wingers with Rooney as the false 9. That's how I would set up the team, it worked wonderfully.

    Great win for England.
  18. Hodgy going for a 4-3-3 :mog:

    Surprised they went for Gerrard at CDM but appeared to work well? Sounds like a pretty awesome setup to be honest, I'm a mark for the 4-3-3.
  19. based on that performance oscar>neymar
  20. lmao
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