England vs Italy discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. 19.18: England starting XI: Butland, Walker, Jagielka, Cahill, Baines, Adam Johnson, Carrick, Lampard, Young, Cleverley, Carroll.

    Nice to see Butland, Walker, Baines, Adam Johnson, Carrick and Cleverely all starting.
  2. Very young team. Any idea on who Italy are starting with?
  3. Is Rodwell on the bench Crayo?
  4. Rodwell is on the bench yeah and no idea who Italy are starting with but I know El Shawaray is likely to play and he's a very very talented guy. The Neymar of Italy, just not as good.
  5. All I know on El Shawaray is you have to spend a boat load to buy him on Football Manager 2012.
  6. And a boat load to buy him in Fifa Ultimate Team too.
  7. The bad thing about watching England is listening to Adrian Chiles before the game.
  8. Adrian just told me we've signed RVP. FAPFAPFAPAFP
  9. And it's onnn

    Come on Tom Cleverely!
  10. Come on AJ!


    Good header by De Rossi, a few moments ago.
  11. Not even surprised that we're losing -- just surprised it came from a corner.
  12. Me too, and from De Rossi considering his size.
  13. I'm still optimistic though. Carrick and Cleverely are proving me right, we should have had them at Euro's. They keep the ball great and create chances. Johnson is flopping at the moment, so if he doesn't buck his ideas up I'd replace him with whichever winger is on the bench.
  14. Amazing goal there, from a corner again. Very nice header.
  15. I agree, wasn't afraid to take a boot in the face. Just muted the TV and now I'm playing Rock music to the football because I hate Townsend.
  16. I'm sure Hodgson just said "Why the fudge didn't you do that earlier!!!!"
  17. I'm a fan of Townsend :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. We're playing great football, why? Tom Cleverely. Fuck yes, doing me proud son.
  19. I absolutely hate him, talks a load of crap half the time.
  20. Decent half.
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