England vs Poland discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Tomorrow, England receive a strong strong test.

    Predictions anyone?
  2. England 2 - 0 Poland.
  3. England 1-0. :ksi:
  4. Wonder how many City players will be playing... Probably just Hart. Don't know why Hodgson hates Micah so much.
  5. Micah needs to go back to CB by trade imo. He offers so much there. Pace, amazing in the air, dominant. He won't put Walker or Glen on the bench at RB imo. City went from having tons in the team (Barry, Johnson, Hart, Lescott, Micah etc) to just Hart and sometimes Lescott. Weird.
  6. It's Hodgson, I think he hates us. Agreed Micah is awesome at CB and would probably get more playing time considering how good Zabaleta has been for us. Shame we're overloaded in Centre-backs now. Kompany, Lescott, Toure, Nastasic, Micah. Although I think Kompany & Micah would be our best combo.
  7. Get Carroll on, that's all I care about :tough:
  8. Agreed, Kompany + Micah all the way. Toure is about to leave City, Nastasic is overrated but young.

    And nah I don't think Hodgson hates you lol. Out of the City players I listed, only Hart imo deserves to be a starter with Micah maybe at CB.
  9. Completely agree, it's funny that Kompany is on 26 & Micah is only 24. We should utilize them as a partnership now. They'll still be first team players in 5 years time. £12 million for Nastasic to sit on our bench. :wtf:
  10. Makes me sick as a United fan. We've got Ferdinand (33) and Vidic (31) as our first two. Evans is only 24 though, Jones is like 19 or 20, Smalling I think is like 21? But Sir Alex is like NAH LET'S PUT THESE CB'S AT RIGHT BACK. :emoji_slight_frown:

    At least he has faith in my boy Rafael now though. Way to go off-topic, fml.
  11. I know, I don't like to sound like the odd guy out but isn't Ferdinand completely passed it? Surely Ferguson can also see this? When Evans debuted a couple of seasons ago I laughed I thought he would be bloody awful. He's turning out to be a nice tidy player. Your Rafael is our Zabaleta just a lot younger.

    & It's football related so it's not that off-topic. :ksi:
  12. Not really, he has a bad game now-and-then like everyone but because of his age and stature within football he's criticized like fuck. Sky Sports pundits were laughing at how Ferdinand -- who has played actually really well for 6 months now -- is told to retire by some newspapers for one bad game. But I do think he's decreasing in quality, which is a sign to take him out and use him as a spare and REPLACE him. Put Smalling in there as a permanent starter with Evans who's turning out as you say, a very tidy player.

    And yeah Rafael is just pure lols to watch at times.
  13. I suppose when I watch Ferdinand he just reminds me completely of Kolo Toure, I don't know why. I don't think he needs to retire but he needs to be used as a bit part player, playing cup games and helping out here and there.
  15. Indeed it is, I'm watching all my TV shows now so I should be able to watch Le game.
  16. You watch too much TV son.
  17. 21 American shows, 6 English shows. That 27 a week. :ohgod:
  18. Yeah way too much lol.
  19. Way too much. :cry:
  20. What an utter farse...
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