England vs Scotland - Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Don't really care about this match as I don't really care for the 'Tartan Army' that much, but I'm wanting to compare/see the contrast in how many fucks are given by each set of fans in this match.

    Do any of the English ashley see this as anything more than a friendly they should easily win?
  2. Thought it was a war, then I saw it was in the sports section...
  3. typical... 1-0 scotland
  4. And people were saying Hart is a contender for BITW. Lol.
  5. I only just tuned in. 1-0 to Scotland, typical England.

    Come on England.
  6. Gonna say 1-2 for England. Don't really know much about those national teams, I mostly know about France, Spain and Italy lmao. (and a bit about Netherlands and Germany)
  7. boom! Lambart scores 3-2 buzzing for him
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  8. Both teams played well, but the better team walked off victorious.
  9. Who won? I haven't watched the match tbh
  10. England won 3-2 against Scotland in an entertaining match.
  11. :yay: England won. I'll try to watch the match tomorrow.
  12. Why would you do such thing? :shock: it's England vs Scotland ffs XD! :dawg:

  13. Scotland vs England*
  14. I can't believe as england fans we are supposed to see this game as a positive one we just about scraped a victory after coming from behind twice GTFO hodgson and bring in redknapp.
  15. I've noticed a bloody trend now. Hodgson picks the likes of Gerrard, England are losing. When Lampard comes on, they'll tend to come back, dominate and win. Oh, and what a goal by both Walcott and Lambert! I agree, Hodgson can GTFO. Get a proper manager in. I reckon any other manager would've picked this side to go out to play Scotland:

    Walker - Dawson - Jagielka - Baines​
    Carrick - Lampard (c)​
    Walcott - Zaha​
  16. Because I want to watch it. It's like saying "why do you watch TNA if they suck?" and the answer would be the same "because I want to"
  17. Lol what? Whilst I too would prefer Redknapp in charge, this is a good win, and a win we shouldn't bury Hodgson about. The players he used are players who have just got through pre-season, so complete match sharpness should never be expected. Furthermore, Scotland played well, and England showed courage to come back from behind twice. Also, we played the right way; we went down the possession route and playing on the floor. That's what we need to do against bigger teams.

    It was a good win. We also hit the post, and their keeper made two really good saves. It could definitely have been more. Plus, one of the goals we conceded was a terrible goalkeeper mistake.
  18. I really think Hart should be dropped, he's made mistakes all through out the year.
  19. He was incredible against Brazil though. Not a good enough (or consistently good enough) replacement. Hart, on his day, is awesome.
  20. If we play with as many mistakes against a better side in a competitive match we won't win and saying the players are not 100% is no excuse as scotlands players were just in pre season as well.
    Even are U21s smashed scotland we should be doing the same if we are the big team we believe we are (which i personally do not believe).
    As for hart getting dropped there is no one to replace him yet jack butland in the future but he isn't ready yet he is very young and englands goalkeepers are always on under imense pressure if you look at what has happened to the last few like scot carrson,robert green and paul robinson they were all considered good keepers make one or two really bad mistakes and all there careers seem to go right down hill and i don't want that to happen to butland as he is a good young player.
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