England vs Ukraine discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. We're apparently going for more or less the same team that beat Moldova so easily. Walcott and Sturridge have been dropped due to illnesses and Sterling + someone else (idk :(() have been called up as replacements.

    Come on England.
  2. Gonna be watching Sweden - Kazakhstan instead, national pride and all that.
  3. That sounds so exciting. :urm:
  4. For me it is. It's my country qualifying to the biggest football tournament there is. Of course I as a citizen of my country and fan of our football team will find it exciting and interesting. I love it whenever our national team plays, doesn't matter against who.
  5. Hope Scotland get pumped off of Macedonia tonight and Levein fucks as far off as possible.

    Will most likely be watching the England game.
  6. Forgot we were even playing. lol.
  7. lmao
  8. Times kick-off Crayo?
  9. 8pm @[Lacky]
  10. Amy MacDonald has a stunning voice, shame our team isn't half as good as our anthem :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Thanks.
  12. Awesome: 'There's only one Andy Murray' song from the Scotland fans.
  13. England are going forward so well, I'm sorry Roy Hodgson for saying you couldn't go forward like this. Defensively we're shaky but I love our passing game atm. Finally England learning off Spain.
  14. As soon as he hit that I said "Goal". Nice goal -.-
  15. Poor Tom Cleverely :((!!!!
  16. Oh ITV pundits, you're all SO retarded.

    During the Euro's: "We never have the ball, if we want to be as good as the other international teams we need to keep possession"

    Today: "Too slow with the ball, pointless possession"

    Fuck them all.
  17. ITV in general are awful, give Sky Spots the rights to England games, screw people who don't have Sky.
  18. Missed the game, was too busy, score anyone?
  19. 1-1 Lacky.

    Fucking lmao at Wales by the way.
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