English Vs Americans

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  1. Debate.
    Better than having it as statuses -.-
  2. English.

    Industrial revolution.
    Classed as the best trained army in the world.
    Not corrupt and ran by people who buy power.
    Has a tiny debt compared to US.
    We can spell.
  3. Name one politician who didn't have thousands of pounds invested into them to go to Cambridge or Oxford. Money makes the world go round sadly.
  4. Both suck. But Americans don't kid yourselves and pretend America are making the world a better place being in multiple countries trying to "police the world" (as Ron Paul correctly puts it), you invade for selfish reasons and no other.
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  5. I was talking about once their in, paying for deals to be done. *cough* 911.
  6. lmao @ Jonathan

    Da nile aint just a river in Egypt

    and Crayo, I agree completely. I'm a RP supporter and hate that we play world police. It's sickening to me

  7. Let's get down to the most important stuff. We have William Regal and Wade Barrett they have The Big Show and Triple H. They're gonna bury us even though we have more talent. #Keepingitrelevanttotheforum
  8. So glad, I respect any Americans that support Ron Paul :emoji_slight_smile:

    Ron paul 4 GM.


    So much win.
  9. We invade because we can, we have the power and numbers and technology... We also invade because nobody want's WWIII to happen. Plus, nobody can stop us if we're just that good.
  10. It's sad that you're brainwashed to think that's good.

    You're not just that good, you're that corrupt.
  11. Truer words have never been spoken.
  12. Yeah, are economy is corrupt, but you don't see anyone trying to stop us... and all who have, have failed in the proccess. I'm not defending US in any way, because I absolutely hate living in the US, but records show that we prevail through the worst.
  13. I could see China stepping up to you eventually, they seem destined to be put on a megapush to the main event before too long.

  14. Because Honestly America is has to stop, you've got a lot of power but your not going to last. If a country which could stop you were to try, Eg) Russia, it wouldn't be diplomatic it would be WWIII and honestly who wants that.

    Apart from perhaps Iran

    and china :blush:
  15. RKO is high on pain killers, leave him alone

    as far as WWIII, I don't think the world can afford for it to happen.. to many countries have nuclear capabilities and if one person were to press the proverbial big shiny red button and fire one off at another country the entire Earth would be a mushroom cloud in a matter of hours/minutes
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  16. Don't worry, I got the joke. :emoji_wink:

  17. Finally someone does, :emoji_hushed:hyes:
  18. Crayo cant get on AIM so I'm going to take a long nap guys. ttyl.
  19. America is the best country in the world and I'm proud to have an American father, god bless the United States of America!

  20. I do like the patriotic nature of some American people I must admit. Britain could learn alot from them, we're too scared to be proud of our country.
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