Engurland vs San Marino live discussion

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  1. England vs San Marino tonight live on ITV1 (Yes that means Crayo's favorite person Adrian Chiles will be there)

    England team from :

    Goalkeepers: Fraser Forster (Celtic), Joe Hart (Manchester City), John Ruddy (Norwich)

    Defenders: Leighton Baines (Everton), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Joleon Lescott (Manchester City), Ryan Shawcross (Stoke), Kyle Walker (Tottenham)

    Midfielders: Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Tom Cleverley (Manchester United), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Adam Johnson (Sunderland), Aaron Lennon (Tottenham), James Milner (Manchester City), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool), Theo Walcott (Arsenal)

    Forwards: Andy Carroll (West Ham), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Danny Welbeck (Manchester United)

    Considering how bad San Marino really are expect a weakened down side.

    Who's watching?
  2. England better storm them.
  3. Well considering they've only won once in 107 games. I hope so. :otunga:
  4. Calling a Rooney, Welback and Cleverely goal tonight :obama:.
  5. I love Adrian Chiles... He thinks he knows what he's talking about but he actually knows nothing... :lol1:
    Odds were 1/10000 for an England win. £10k just to win £1 lmfao.

    It was 30/1 for a 10-0 win...
  6. Is this an actual qualification match btw?
  7. I'm saying Leighton Baines will score 100 percent.
  8. Yarp. WC Qualifier.
  9. Lmao fantastic.
  10. San Marino lost 0-6 to Montenegro, so I think we can do better. :haha:
  11. Montenegro aren't that bad though, we drew with them twice last year didn't we?
  12. I think so, I know they're a good team because they're currently top of the group. But I'm sure we can rack up a pretty convincing win against San Marino.
  13. Yeah, and we're playing some pretty sexy football (can't believe I'm saying that about England) so I'm optimistic.
  14. Woy is doing a good job it would seem. :otunga:
  15. Yeah I really wasn't optimistic about England's playing style when he came into the job. I knew we'd be organised and tough to beat (the Euro's proved that) but he's changed our formation (FINALLY) to 4-2-3-1 which I think is the best formation in the world at the moment, and he's finally put someone small quick and hard working in Cleverely as the CAM instead of an over-aged Gerrard/Lampard. Though I'm unsure of Cleverely's role tonight if Rooney is back, as Rooney has been playing CAM for Man United recently.

    I can see Cleverely being benched but oh well, Rooney is world class in that position. I'd prefer to see Defoe starting up front as he's on rocket form, but Welback is a MUCH better passer.
  16. Completely agree with what you're saying, 4-2-3-1 is a fantastic formation. I think we proved that last year in the Premier-League. It also fits England so well with the amount of defensive midfielders we have. Let's not forget Jack Wilshere hasn't played in a while so I wonder if he's going to stroll back into the side?

    I agree I would like to see Defoe starting up front with Rooney just behind him. :otunga:
  17. Where would Wilshere fit though if Rooney plays that role? :hmm:

    Wilshere is quality though, he's going to be a England Iniesta imo. Arsenal have a gem there.
  18. I have no idea, that's what I mean. Wilshere plays box-to-box IIRC so wouldn't he be okay sitting in the DM/C position and going forward when necessary?

    He's a fantastic player they just need to hope he remains fit.
  19. Yeah he could perhaps play Lampard's current role which is CDM that roams forward.
  20. Sounds good to me, It's time that England start looking towards the future which I'm sure Hodgson is doing with Cleverly, Welbeck, Bertrand and others. It has worked so well for Germany, I'm sure they're going to kill WC 2014.
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