Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Koko B., Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Was Orton's line and Jericho's response off the script? I thought that was funny, and I think Jericho did too. His reaction didn't seem in character.
  2. I honestly wouldn't put it past Vince to come up with an idea like that line.

  3. Kind of hard to tell...

    I mean, WWE already did this with Reigns by having Rollins making some remarks during a couple of promos on RAW so it would be no surprise for them to do something similar with Lesnar. On the other hand, though, Jericho's reaction came off as if he didn't expect that specific comment and his reaction "you might get in trouble for that" may hint that Orton took it upon himself to throw that line out there...

    Idk, I'm just going to assume it was scripted and planned all the way...
  4. lol Jericho's reaction was awesome. Even more impressive if it was scripted XD
  5. Don't care if it was off-script or not, I LOL'd.
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  6. Are you seriously asking if it was scripted or not?.. Stop worrying about shit like that, it doesn't matter.. It was a good promo, that's all that needs to be said about it... Fans always worrying about what's scripted and what's not. It's kinda sad.
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  7. Who said I was worried? I liked the line and reply, saw no discussion on it and thought I would start a thread.
  8. Of course this was scripted. Why wouldn't they have the man's opponent at Summerslam mention this?
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