Enjoy your sausage and tang

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 8, 2013.

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  2. Fuck. The 70's Show was so great (at least the earlier seasons). Miss this shit.
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  3. Eric's sister is dead :upset:
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  4. all of the seasons are great except the last one without Eric
  5. She was sexy :gusta:
  6. Indeed :sad:
  7. She would have as the cool kids say....got the d
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  8. WHY DID THEY TAKE THIS OFF NETFLIX? I got through 6 seasons and then it's just gone. Who does that, such a dick move.
  9. Shows and movies expire at certain times dude.
  10. There could have been some warning
  11. That 70's Show was one of my favorite shows,I miss it.
  12. They put it on the bottom of it, no?
  13. nonoononono they did not. Watching one day and then the next it's gone
  14. I finished it all just a month ago....classic
  15. I KNOW RIGHT! I was rewatching this show again and the next day I try to watch it on Netflix, it's gone. Fucking Netflix. So now I'm currently rewatching Malcolm in the Middle now since I just love Bryan Cranston.
  16. We all had a chance at Eric's sister, she was a drug addict :okay: that bucketlist mark will forever be unchecked.
  17. just go to project free tv if you want to finish watching That 70s show again
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