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  1. I have been watching wrestling since I saw Hulk Hogan vs. the Ultimate warrior and frankly the matches lately just disgust me. call me a bitch or a wuss I don't care but I watch RAW and Smackdown with my son. Well we will not be watching it anymore because this must be the year that cheating and having no honor even if it is only pretend gets you farther in life than having integrity and a sense of honor like Rey Mysterio . so I nor will my son watch wwe till next year when hopfully WWE sees the errors of their ways.
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  4. I'm sorry to hear this, I will pass on your feedback to Mr. McMahon.

    Solidus, WWE Community Manager.
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  5. What the hell did I just read? :wtf:
  6. If you've been watching since 1990, then you must have forgotten quite a bit about the heels back then. Ted Dibiase going around buying people off? Bobby Heenan helping the members of his "Family" win? Randy Savage treating his wife like shit? Jake Roberts slapping Elizabeth and having a snake bite Savage while he's tied in the ropes? Andre and the evil Hebner twin (Dave) screwing over Hogan to end his four year reign? And this is just WWF. Don't even get me started on NWA and the other territories.
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  7. So you join a wrestling forum.....when you stop watching wrestling?
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  8. Calm down Zuko, now listen we can't just sell you honor. You gotta earn that shit, now here's a flame, now go with the Avatar up that hill, do a shitty little dance with two dragons, who I may add can kill you anytime, and then they will spread a homosexual like rainbow of flames around you. After gazing upon then(dont touch!) you will then become firebender. After that kill your father, and the end. You have your honor.
  9. Enough of this!
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    Forgot to add this to my last post.
  11. Welcome to the site enough!

    A lot of our discussion favours heel wrestlers so your insightful counter arguements will hopefully be appreciated!
  12. Just passed your message on to Triple H, I'll let you know his reply but he said he appreciates your feedback.
  13. I'm the legal representative of a Mr. Ryback. He says he doesn't care and that Ryback Rules. Though he does hope you and your son have a good weekend.
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  15. That was directed at the OP. Maybe you should hop off mine, lol.
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