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ENTITLED Wrestling
Welcome to my brand new BTB now that I'm back on the forum! ENTITLED Wrestling is a spin on an old BTB that I did and never got far with. This version will be set in the UK (Specifically in England but shows will also be run elsewhere) and will include the finest British talent whilst also including some imports.

The shows will be run in the 'PROGRESS format' where shows will be run in chapters (Chapter 1,2,3 etc.) and each show will have a specific theme around them.

The first show will be called "Chapter 1: The Start Of Something Good" and will take place in Leicester, England.

The Championships will be as followed:

-ENTITLED Championship
-ENTITLED Tag Team Championships
-ENTITLED British Heavyweight Championship
-ENTITLED Women's Championship

The roster will be as followed:
Pete Dunne(h)
Tyler Bate(h)
Trent Seven(h)
Travis Banks(h)
Chris Brookes(h)
Kid Lykos(h)
Mark Haskins(f)
BT Gunn(h)
Joe Coffey(h)
Mark Coffey(f)
Jackie Polo(f)
Martin Kirby(f)
Rampage Brown(h)
Ashton Smith(h)
Joe Hendry(f)
El Ligero(f)
Dave Mastiff(f)
Sha Samuels(h)
Josh Bodom(f)
Zack Sabre Jr.(f)
Will Ospreay(h)
Kip Sabian(h)
Doug Williams(h)
Liam Slater(f)
Johnny Moss(f)
Scott Wainwright(h)
Paul Robinson(h)
Gabriel Kidd(f)
Howard Drake(h)
Jack Sexsmith(f)

Teams are as followed:
British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven)
#CCK (Travis Banks, Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos)
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey)
Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith
Banter Edition (Dave Mastiff, El Ligero)
Swords Of Essex (Will Ospreay, Scott Wainwright, Paul Robinson)
Teams subject to change / work individually

The first card should be posted later today.
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King B

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
ENTITLED Wrestling #1: "The Start Of Something Good"
O2 Academy Leicester, England. Sunday 9th July 2017.

The show starts with the camera panning over the crowd chanting "ENTITLED, ENTITLED, ENTITLED" before it cuts to the commentary team of Sam Shaw and Dave Bradshaw, who welcome the viewers to the first ever chapter of ENTITLED Wrestling, they put over the main event of Rampage Brown and Zack Sabre Jr.

ENTITLED GM Dylan Ashcroft then comes down to the ring to welcome the crowd and he promises that tonight will be a historic night. Ashcroft puts over Rampage vs. ZSJ whilst also talking about other matches when he is all of a sudden interrupted by the music of Howard Drake. Drake puts over his ability as a wrestler and questions Ashcroft for not giving him a match tonight. Ashcroft then says that he saw something like this coming so he tells Drake that he's getting a match right now, against.......... Dave Mastiff. Drake is stood with his mouth open when Dave Mastiffs music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Match #1- Dave Mastiff vs. Howard Drake
Mastiff beats Drake in 4:13 with a running splash.

After the match, the cameras cut backstage where interviewer Jen Louise is talking to Joe Hendry, who will be challenging BT Gunn for the British Heavyweight Championship. Hendry puts himself and his Local Hero gimmick over.

Match #2- Kip Sabian vs. Martin Kirby
Kirby beats Sabian in 10:29 with a Kirby Bomb.
-After the match Sabian attacks Kirby with a chain before officials have to force him off of Kirby.

A hype video is played hyping tonight's main event of Rampage vs. Sabre Jr.

Drake is seen backstage getting tended to by medics when out of nowhere Dave Mastiff attacks him, throwing him through a door.

Match #3- Polo Promotions vs. Liam Slater & Gabriel Kidd (ENTITLED Tag Team Championships)
Polo Promotions win when Mark Coffey hits Kidd with a discus forearm in 13:01. -TITLE CHANGE!!!!
-After the match, Liam Slater helps Kidd backstage.

Backstage, Jen Louise wants to catch up with Polo Promotion after their win but they refuse to be interviewed.

Dylan Ashcroft's music hits again and comes onto the ramp -he announces that Chapter 2 will see the debut of.... JIMMY HAVOC.

Match #4- El Ligero vs. Joey Janela
Ligero beats Janela in 09:13 with a C4L.
-Janela and Ligero shake hands after the match.

A hype video plays to hype CCK and BSS.

Match #5- British Strong Style vs. CCK
Pete Dunne pins Kid Lykos with a Bitter End in 22:24.

After the match, it's announced that at Chapter 2, Moustache Mountain will take on Polo Promotions for the tag belts.

Jen Louise is backstage with Zack Sabre Jr., who puts himself over saying he's the best in the country and Rampage's strength his no match for his technical wizardry.

Match #6- Joe Hendry vs. BT Gunn (ENTITLED British Heavyweight Championship)
Gunn beats Hendry with a package piledriver in 13:51 -TITLE CHANGE!!!!
-After the match, Gunn hits Hendry with the title before walking off.

Match #7- Rampage Brown vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (ENTITLED Championship)
Rampage beats ZSJ with a piledriver in 12:44 after a distraction from Ashton Smith. -TITLE CHANGE!!!!

After the match, Dylan Ashcroft comes out and says that at Chapter 2, Ashton Smith will face ZSJ whilst Rampage defends his newly won belt against Dave Mastiff.

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King B

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
ENTITLED Wrestling Chapter 2: "It's Gonna Hit Hard"
O2 Academy Leicester, England. Sunday 13th August.

The show starts with the camera panning around the crowd chanting "ENTITLED, ENTITLED, ENTITLED" before the camera cuts to the commentary team of Sam Shaw and Dave Bradshaw. Bradshaw puts over the main event of Rampage Brown vs. Dave Mastiff whilst Shaw promises a spectacular night.

Match #1- Martin Kirby vs. Kip Sabian
Kip Sabian wins via a small package in 12:15
-After the match Sabian extends his hand for a handshake with Kirby, and as Kirby is about to shake his hand Sabian clocks him before walking off down the ramp celebrating.

A hype video is played to hype the triple threat match for the British Heavyweight Championship between champ BT Gunn, Joe Hendry and El Ligero.

GM Dylan Ashcroft then comes down to the ring to announce that Jimmy Havoc will be in action NEXT as he is interrupted by Howard Drake, Drake comes down to the ring and complains about what Mastiff did to him at Chapter 1 and demands an apology. Jimmy Havocs music then hits and Havoc comes down to the ring. Ashcroft announces that it'll be Jimmy Havoc vs. Howard Drake NOW.

Match #2- Howard Drake vs. Jimmy Havoc
Havoc gets the win after Drake gets DQ'd after hitting him with a steel chair in 06:13
-After the match Drake continues the assault hitting Havoc with brass knuckles and steel steps.

A hype video is played for the main event between Rampage and Mastiff.

Dylan Ashcroft is seen backstage where he announces that Drake has been suspended for 60 days for his actions earlier.

Match #3- Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Ashton Smith
Zack Sabre Jr submits Smith with a triangle choke in 11:40
-After the match ZSJ announces that he will take on the winner of Rampage vs. Mastiff at Chapter 3.

Interviewer Jen Louise is seen backstage with Bruiserweight Pete Dunne where he puts himself over and how he's going to destroy Travis Banks tonight.

Match #4- BT Gunn vs. Joe Hendry vs. El Ligero (British Heavyweight Championship)
Gunn pins Ligero in 16:06 with a package piledriver to retain the title.
-Gunn then proceeds to attack Hendry and Ligero after the match before Joe Coffey comes out for the save and makes Gunn run away.

A recap video is played from Chapter 1 from the tag title match between Polo Promotions and Kidd/Slater

It is then announced that at Chapter 3 BT Gunn will take on Joe Coffey for the British Heavyweight Championship

Match #5- Travis Banks vs. Pete Dunne
Dunne gets the win after hitting Banks with a Bitter End in 19:33
-Dunne attempts to attack Banks after the match but CCK come in for the save.

It then cuts to the commentary team who announce that at Chapter 3 War Machine will be making their debut against the winner of the tag title match.

Match #6- Polo Promotions vs. Moustache Mountain (Tag Titles)
Bate pins Jackie Polo after hitting a Tyler Driver 96 in 15:09 -TITLE CHANGE!!!!
-After the match Moustache Mountain put themselves over on the mic and hype up their Chapter 3 match with War Machine.

Jen Louise is backstage with Rampage Brown who promises to destroy Dave Mastiff tonight.

Match #7- Rampage Brown vs. Dave Mastiff (ENTITLED Championship)
Rampage beats Mastiff with a piledriver in 09:29 to retain the belt
-After the match ZSJ is seen at the top of the ramp clapping his next opponent.

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