Entrance Music Changes

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. When Gallows and Anderson came to WWE, we were all excited and shit, but then when we heard their entrance music, that's when myself and others began to complain. It sounds like a garage band who lost their lead baritone and replaced them with a coked up Jericho.

    They need something powerful, menacing and oppresive like names such as The Shield, Demolition, Goldberg, Hawk and Animal, and Vader had, like Mark Henry has now, and what Brock Lesnar has now. A song that you hear and it instantly makes you say "someone's about to get fucked up".

    Someone else in WWE that has bad entrance music is Cesaro. And I will admit that the thing I miss the most about Cesaro being out with that injury is not having to hear that awful entrance music of his. Seeing that he has this new James Bond kind of thing going on in his entrance, he needs something to go with that and then when he rips all of that off, the music can then switch into this awesome riffage. Something along the lines of this would be pretty cool.

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  2. This sounds perfectly fine.

    Modern music sounds pretty bad, but compared to the majority of the WWE's midcard history, this era is gold. Look back at the 80s and 90s. The music was putrid and generic rock. Look at Droz, X-Factor, The Radicalz etc. etc.

    I think one of the main reasons WWE's music has gotten worse over the years, is because they refuse to pay 3rd party bands and singers to do music work. They prefer to write, compose and perform their music with a sub-par band.
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  3. Agreed. Watching 2002 now and so much is just trash.
  4. Where you get the vids?
  5. Real reason why is because Jim Johnston isn't their in-house guy anymore. His last works were mostly remixes, but they were still so much better than what CF0$ has produced so far. Bar one or two themes.
  6. I don't know why they just didn't give Cesaro Austin Aries' theme. It works perfectly with his new gimmick.
  7. CFO$' work is either a hit or miss. But, I do like Gallows and Anderson's theme song.
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  9. I can't stand AJ Style's theme. I like the organ intro, but the rest of it is just too damn mellow and doesn't really fit his personality (IMHO).
  10. I agree. The theme music for many stars doesn't fit. It's not that most of them are "bad," but they have way more potential to be much better.

    Cesaro, styles, gallows, etc.
  11. This is much better for Styles

  12. For Gallows and Anderson

  13. The one he has now = you're gonna get your ass whooped and your ribs are probably gonna break

    This= you're gonna fucking die

  14. Meh.
  15. His personality has been described as mellow and easy going. I like it, and I like the song that (some people) say it was based off of. It's good, catchy, and something different.
  16. AJ's theme is perfect IMO. The one's I hate are custom titantrons being so much > the stars entrance.

    For example, this SHOULD be Ryder's theme, most stars get it changed up every feww years and he as been dooingthe same theme forever.
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  17. I really like that tune.
  18. AID!?!?! YOU BRO AID!?!?!?
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  19. The only one I can think of who really needs a new theme is Cesaro. His swanky Bond inspired entrance deserves something other than Steiner's B-side track.

    Also maybe Orton, because I think he hates his theme song or something like that
  20. I like most of the themes we have, AJ Style's phenomenal theme I think works and reminds me alot of his hero (first mix) theme in TNA, Gallows and Anderson's theme is alright and probably is just a placeholder until Balor comes up. Cesaro's theme should've never been changed from the one he debuted with:

    speaking of the Balor Club, I hope we get an all new theme and not just a remix of Finn's "catch your breath". Personally I think they need a theme like this:

    ...but with a Bullet Club spin to it, you know.
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