Royal Rumble Entry predictions/Dream Entries for the rumble

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  1. Go ahead, anyone wanna predict who gets what number? Here's mine:
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    Yellow=uannounced/ jobber spot
    Red=spot for return
    1. Cm Punk
    2.Seth Rollins
    3. Damien Sandow
    4. Xaviar Woods
    5. Fandango
    6. Zack Ryder or any random jobber
    7. Jey Uso
    8. Dean Ambrose
    9. Cody Rhodes
    10. Sheamus
    11.Erick Rowan
    12. The Miz
    13.Alberto Del Rio
    14.Kofi Kingston
    15.Jimmy Uso
    16.Jack Swagger
    17.Curtis Axel

    18.John Morrison (I WANNA SEE IT HAPPEN)
    19.Antonio Cesaro
    21.Luke Harper
    22.Big E Langston
    23.Rey Mysterio
    25.Chris Jericho
    27.Roman Reigns
    28.Dolph Ziggler (or another random jobber, they keep one spot up here for one)
    30. Rob Van Dam
    Batista to my expectations is to win

    Now this is way off but it's what I want :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. i predict that randy savage will be ressurected and enter at number 2 and light it up son
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