News Enzo Amore Continues to Rub People the Wrong Way

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. It was reported earlier that Enzo Amore had there was an incident on the tour bus when the talents were traveling together last month. This incident lead to Roman Reigns kicking Enzo off the bus for bragging about how much money he made and talking badly about the business to someone on the phone.

    According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, there was another incident with Amore where he brought a “series of questionable quests” backstage into the lock room. Those guest were breaking locker room etiquette by recording and taking pictures of the talent.

    Many within WWE are said to be dissapointed with Amore’s behavior. With Enzo venturing into outside music projects, Barrasso speculates that this could potentially put him on the list of future-endeavored talent.

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  2. News Bot, You sure are busy with all these news things. Lol
  3. Enzo wants out...and I can't say I blame him...

    Just release him and save yourself the hassle WWE...
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  4. @Grievous:
    If u say He wants out then Why did he sign up for WWE in the first place
  5. I'm not going to answer that...I'll just say his career prospects
    looked a lot better when he first started in NXT.

    Now...split from Cass...he basically has his mic skills and
    that is about it.
  6. He honeslty doesnt seem like someone that would fit in with WWE
  7. Geez Enzo, now first off this does show Roman is starting to become a bit of a leader if he ordered him off that bus. Idk whose idea it was to keep him out of the locker room but that definitely is bringing back shades of wrestlers court, which should totally come back.

    And he is bringing undesirables backstage?! Geez give the WWE staff some privacy, fuck TMZ bullshit.
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