News Enzo And Cass Getting A Huge Push!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by akshay, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. One of The Best WWE Tag Team Enzo And Cass Getting A Huge Push! See This For More Information!

  2. "What he said"
  3. I' kind of new and don't know them that well as they have not been on the main events to much.

    Impressions. Enzo good on the mic, future heel when the tag team breaks up?

    Big Cass. Well he has "the look".

    Both seem over with the crowds though. Not sure if they are ready for a push, that being said skill in ring is not really required (Goldberg).
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  6. - So, let me get this straight. You do not watch full shows, only main events (therefore you're not that familiar with Enzo & Cass)? That's kinda odd.

    - Enzo is good on the mic, indeed. Not sure about the heel thing, though. He could do it, but if/when the team breaks up, it should be Big Cass who turns heel. It would simply make for a much better and believable story that a big guy turned on a small guy.

    - That's another good observation. Big Cass has the look and everything Vince wants in a superstar. Expect Cass to be one of the last superstars to be eliminated from the Royal Rumble next year. Hell, he might even tie or surpass Roman's record of eliminating 12 superstars from the Rumble match. But, we'll see about that.

    - Enzo & Cass are over like rovers and they are ready for a push. They will probably be the ones who will eventually dethrone The New Day.
  7. I have only watched some of the 2016 stuff and the big 4 events+ Backlasg, Clash of Champions and No Mercy.

    I watched my 1st 1 month out of date Smackdown today and I watch bits and pieces of the RAW highlights on youtube.

    Mostly I have been watching RAW circa 1998/99, and various originals on the Network (Monday Night Wars etc).

    I have seen Enzo and Cass maybe half a dozen times or less. If taker can dress up as Kane I thought Cass could as well but it would be obvious now since Kane is a bit erm older being generous. I have only had the network since July or so.
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