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  1. Now, I'm a big fan of these guys, got the pleasure of first seeing them live at Roadblock in Toronto. And I had no idea who they were. Their entrance let me know ok this guy's enzo and that's big Cass, and at that time they had carmella.

    I thought "man, these guys are pretty cool. They have an intro that everyone in this building knows, except me." Lol

    But that was in mid March. Soon after, they came onto the main roster and it was like damn these guys have a following. There's that cool intro..." it really made me think of the new age outlaws and how much crowd participation that had for their entrances.

    But after introducing who they are everytime they come to the ring week after week after week.... it's getting stale. Don't get me wrong, enzo's energy is crazy and he's got the crowd from the second that intro hits, and I get a kick out of their skits. But at some point they're going to have to change the intro a bit, no?

    Because longevity-wise, in another year.. 2 years... I'm sure everyone knows who you are. I really hope at some point they change it up a bit.

    Just something I thought of tonight.
  2. The main problem is how main roster (or at least for now, RAW) handles characters. On NXT they were three dimensional characters, people with flaws, perks, personalities and motivations. In short they were human and you could relate to them. On RAW they have become 2 dimensional midcarders because only the top guys are allowed to have actual personalities.

    For now that seems to only be an issue on RAW since Smackdown is brimming with relatable characters right now and it is getting the roster over. Look at how quickly Slater got big time over once they started his storyline on Smackdown. He's arguably more over than some RAW main eventers.

    Enzo and Cass started losing their appeal when they lost their characters and became victims of main roster midcard booking.
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  3. Isn't the WWE (Vince most likely) just waiting to push Big Cass in the singles division?

    At least I've heard/read that around the "traps"

    That's why Cass was in that Fatal Four way for the Universal Title a little while back.
    I personally thought he really stepped up in that match...and while he was ever going
    to win it...a very large part of me wanted him to...just for the pure shock value.
  4. There's another thing. Them splitting up.

    If they do that, I could see enzo hurting. Lol I realize it's all scripted but every match they're in, cass does most of the beating while enzo takes most of the beating. But... that could lead to a great reunion storyline. Enzo struggling on his own for a year, then cass comes and saves the day and helps him get a big win then they reunite.

    Idk, but it seems like they're on a losing path right now.

    And I don't understand why wwe doesn't do something with these guys, they're SO over its crazy. To not be doing something with them is complete ludicrous.

    Eh either way I still think their intro needs a reboot so they don't introduce themselves the same way for the next few years.
  5. If they do split them up (which is highly possible) It would be cool for Big Cass to get his chance in the Title hunt...... but then I feel that Enzo should go to the cruiserweight division and take his chances there
  6. That's what I'm thinking too. Wouldn't it be cool for say enzo to be cruiserweight champion, cass universal champ, then they reunite through some story and win the tag titles.
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  7. That would be dope!
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  8. Man I
    I wonder if it could happen?
  9. WWE is just really big on having catch phrases that the crowd can speak along with. I mean, Paul Heyman is one of the most enjoyable people in the industry and he has been around for 30 plus years and he still introduces himself. And the crowd speaks along with him.

    Honestly, it doesn't bother me. I love Enzo and Cass's entrance and I have been watching it for years now. I hope they keep it up.
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  10. Ok that's fair. So have they been doing the same intro for years? And how long have they been together for? Either way, they get the crowd hype as fuck and that's all that really matters lol.
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  11. They're over exposed they need to change their act up a little. We know who you and the 7-foot tall fuck walking behind you are now, its been 9 months, you don't have to tell us each week! Lol, on a serious note odds are after they have a tag championship run they'll probably be split.
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  12. On this side, I thought they've improved dramatically on the main roster. Usually on NXT it was only a couple of lines they'd get in between the sing-a-long intro and the end of it...
    Now they're doing all sorts of stuff. Any time they get long promos the delivery is almost top-notch.

    I was worried they'd go full New Age Outlaws with them, and they've done the opposite. Bravo, WWE.
    I'll take these small potatoes and munch away, haha
  13. Oh yeah their promos and all that are awesome, I guess I never really thought of it that way. Sure they have the same redundant intro, but their segments are always different.

    But I'm not gonna lie, the shit corey graves comes out with about them is hilarious. And when KO was mocking enzo's little shuffle thing on the ring apron... fucking gold lol. "How are YOU doing huh?"
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  14. The problem with their introduction isn't that it's repeated each week, it's that it's so long.

    Enzo's made progress in speeding it up though, credit where it's due, and there have been a few situations when they get to the ring without it.

    It's not a major problem, but the intro is part of their appeal for the crowd. Without it, they're more akin to Slater and Rhyno in the "Big guy wins, small guy takes the beating" category.
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  15. True, but which is better Enzo & Cass intro or The New Age Outlaws intro?
  16. Aye when #KO hit the leg shuffle I was dead!!! hella funny! Epico be doing it to
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  18. Eh, it doesn't bother me.

    Plus, I don't think Enzo & Cass will still exist as a team in 2 years' time.

    Considering the size of Big Cass, one would think Vince will break him up with Enzo and push him into ME scene.
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