News Enzo got major backstage heat

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. JBL Says 'Odds Are Completely Against' Enzo Amore Making It In WWE Due To Backstage Heat -

    This doesnt surprise me. Enzo is a little twerp. Glad to see Roman Reigns taking the position of locker room leader and throwing Enzo off the bus :reigns3: he truly is the big dog

    "Enzo Amore reportedly being kicked off a tour bus by Roman Reigns was a topic of conversation on the latest episode of Bring it to the Table on the WWE Network. John "Bradshaw" Layfield explained the history of wrestlers getting booted from tour buses and the concept behind wrestler's court
    "Yes, there's been a history of this," said Bradshaw. "It's called wrestler's court, it's to mediate conflicts. Undertaker was the judge, I was the prosecuting attorney, either Godfatheror Kane was the bailiff. Sometimes you circumvented court completely and just threw them out of the locker room or threw them off buses. Miz was one of those, which by the way, not me. Given credit for it because of storyline reasons. But we also had ring announcers, we've had commentators, we've had talent thrown out of locker rooms in the past."

    Dave Meltzer broke the news in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Amore was kicked off a tour bus by Roman Reigns and then given the "Miz treatment" where he wasn't allowed to dress in the locker room. Amore was reportedly unhappy with being broken up from Big Cass in storyline.

    "Now here's what's bad about it. Most of those guys - except for Miz, Miz is the only one - never made it," continued Bradshaw. "Once the locker turned against these guys - they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever - they never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo. Now I think he's very talented, I've had a good working relationship with him but apparently there's a lot of problems with him and the rest of the world."
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  2. Cass has heat with the locker room as well apparently. But unlike Enzo, who has it for being annoying. Cass has it for being a hardcore Trump supporter apparently. Majority of the locker room are apparently left leaning and Cass is the type of very outspoken, loud Trump supporter apparently.

    But he's mainly cold shouldered because they know that his size in combination with the political leanings of most of the senior backstage staff will prevent anything from happening to his push.

    Wrestling is funny
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  3. Haha Cass being a hardcore Trump supporter will at least help him in regards to his boss, seeing how his wife is apart of the Trump administration
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  4. That's exactly the situation. The locker room dislikes him for being so outspoken about his political beliefs. But they know that whatever they do will be vetoed by the boss
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  5. What could you possibly do to make the "friendliest locker room in WWE history" hate you? If Enzo IRL is anything like his character then yeah I could see how he'd get kicked off a bus full of tired wrestlers and Cass has to be really obnoxious with his political views if people even care. Maybe he's just confident about his views knowing the presidents relation to the company, maybe that's why he voted for him in the first place(...nah ). It's a shame they were separated because they were essential to each other.
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  6. Splitting Enzo and Cass was an interesting storyline but ultimately will be horrible for both their careers. Cass reminds me alot of Test. A big guy who will get pushed but will not go anywhere cuz he has no substance. If they wanted to push Cass as a single star, they should of kept Enzo on as a manager role.
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  7. I for one did not want to see Enzo and Cass broken up. I thought they could have been great with the right timing and booking.
  8. The only reason Enzo is still around is because Vince likes seeing him
    getting his head kicked in.

    I don't think Enzo will last till the end of the year.

    I always knew Enzo & Cass would be split up...but I was surprised they
    did it so soon.

    Cass was always due to get a singles push...but how far he is pushed
    may depend on which brand he's on.

    They have Strowman on RAW and Corbin on who
    knows how Cass will be used in the long term.

    Although...a Cass/Corbin team up on SmackDown would cause a
    tonne of problems for everyone on that brand.

    Just an Idea...
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    That's almost a perfect way to describe Cass as the modern day test, very big guy who only really did things in tag teams, pushed a bit as a singles, except Test was a lot more talented tbh.
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  10. Corbin & Cass // Brothers of Destruction
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  11. Professional wrestlers are such petty losers. Some are now getting butt hurt because some cat likes his money.

    Playing pretend games like wrestler's court with actual names like "attorney" and "judge" goes to show you how nerdy that culture truly is.

    Icing Enzo Amore is high school behavior that doesn't surprise me a bit considering they work for Vince McMahon
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  12. It's a small community in reality.

    And it's a close knit one. These guys travel together all over the country 300+ days a year.

    It's too intense of an environment and too many long of hours away from home to have someone not acting right.

    If Enzo truly is snorting blow or abusing pills and acting like an ass then I don't blame them.

    My profession has unwritten codes of conduct that are self enforced as well so I understand.

    I know not everyone agrees, but I am still sad to see Enzo & Cass broken up. Locker room issues aside they always entertained together. I don't think Enzo will make it much longer, especially if he can't get it together on the road.
  13. So I heard Enzo is basically just being himself. What you see on TV is what he is like in real life. That would annoy the crap out of me.
    Also, he takes people back stage and lets them do what they want (take pictures, ect) so that ain't cool.

    I can see why people are pissed off.
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  14. He doesnt seem like he's meant to be the "WRESTLING Type" KICK HIM OUT ALREADY
  15. From the looks of it, this has gone way past backstage heat and if you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out Simon Gotch's shoot interview. There are some clips on youtube and one in particular where he talks about Enzo; lets just say they weren't the kindest of words: