Epic Dolph Ziggler Video Package

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Damn, that was good..:phew:

    Props to Crayo for making me see this in the related vids to the Rock/Cena package.
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  2. Fantastic use of color here, but that's all that really stood out. Didn't care for the song, but I can't argue that it didn't fit so it's fine. I guess I just prefer ones that tell a story, like the Summer Of Punk one or either of the Daniel Bryan ones.
  3. Man, it's just a video package.. Don't get them high hopes..:damnn:

    Song fitted like a sweatpants after a long day at work..:adr:
  4. ^Only get them high hopes because I've seen much better prior (like the Rock/Cena one for example). Oh, and the word "Epic" didn't help. Twas a good one, just nothing special.
  5. Your loss...:pity2:
  6. Wouldn't these be called like LAMVs (Live Action Music Videos) or fan-made videos or something and not "packages"? Just curious. :dawg:

    Pretty nice, though. I love the editing, especially the beginning, though I'm on the fence about the song. I feel like DZ wouldn't really like rap/hip-hop. :Hmm:
  7. Alright package.
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