Epic Heel Promos

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  1. I was watching some wrestling videos on Youtube and I found a few awesome heel promos I liked.

    1) The Miz vs. Hater
    This was featured on a reality TV show called "H8rs", in which celebrities meet their biggest haters. This episode's hater was a Miz hater, and The Miz got the opportunity to meet him in character.

    2) Chris Jericho vs. Old Guy
    This is just pure awesomeness. Jericho starts cutting a heel promo on a crowd after a SmackDown taping and starts picking on an old guy.

    3) HBK vs. Canada
    This is not only one of my favourite heel promos, but one of my favourite promos of all time. The was Michaels manages to rile up the crowd so much is awesome, he gets so much heat!

    I thought this wood be a good place for everyone to post certain heel promos they like that they can find on Youtube or online.
  2. Triple h's "you people" promo on Booker T.
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  3. The GOAT heel promo, and the amount of trash thrown in the ring is proof:

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