Epic RKO Compilation

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Randy Orton's Best RKO's EVER!!

    Also, two of the most unexpected RKO's I have seen yet
    Chokeslam into RKO

    Cenas AA into an RKO
  2. The one on Evan was the best ever. He's so good at executing it.
  3. What match was that at 1:11 until 1:32? Seems like the ring was packed, what did I miss?

  4. This one.
  5. Damn, @[seabs] beat me to it. Very good match though.. I bet Orton and Cena would of won since half the roster was eliminated..
  6. :rofl:. Orton and Cena were great in that match especially the spot when Cena threw Cody Rhodes into an RKO.
  7. I liked the 4 multiple RKO's in that match.. That was epic.
  8. @[RKO] your finest moment below

  9. Yeah I also that the best was on Evan. I remember watching that.
  10. @[Cloud], everyone has their off days... That was my only one.
  11. @[RKO] I forgive u for what is one of the funniest things ive ever seen. i love how u botch an without bein fazed by it jus go an hit the RKO its brilliant everyone acts like it didnt happen!

  12. Lmao never seen that before, that's hilarious. Poor @[RKO]

    Tbh he did handle it quite well lol.
  13. I handle everything well, but I was a little embarrased.