Episode 17: The Calm meets the Storm!

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by femalewrestling, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Haley Davidson's journey has not been all sunshines and roses thus far at the Female Wrestling Channel. Haley has lost consecutive (competitive) matchups to Monroe Jamison, Bella Mamacita, Electra Jamison, and then lost again to Monroe Jamison in a rematch. However, Haley is still an extremely confident 29 year old woman, and if you think losing 4 in a row would bother this young lady.............you wouldn't know it!

    Speaking of young ladies. Enter Phoenix Flint. She is now our youngest performer at the Female Wrestling Channel as she dials in at 18 years old while standing 4'11" tall and weighing 80lbs. Phoenix may be a small girl, but she has a smashmouth personality, that I think we will be seeing more of as time goes along. If the arm wrestling match that begins this matchup is any indication............young Phoenix packs some power..........and is looking to make an impact against the girl who has yet to score a win.

    This is a best of 5 falls competitive matchup that falls under Female Wrestling Channel Rules.

    Will the calm, cool, and collected 5'9" Haley Davidson score her first victory?

    Or will the young 4'11" storm that is Phoenix Flint win the day?

    See the 2 Minute Video Preview for this Matchup:
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