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  1. Right now, it's obviously going to be either Suarez, RVP, or Bale? Who do you think deserves it and who will get it?

    It might be a little bit because I'm a Liverpool and big Suarez fan but I believe he will deserve it but in the end not get it. He's received a lot of negative attention from his actions on the pitch and there's a lot of people who really don't like him. Bale, and Tottenham, for that matter, have been slipping lately and RVP hasn't scored in quite a while. I say that if it's going to be between them three my vote has got to be with RVP although my heart is with Suarez.
  2. Suarez shouldn't get it. It should be either RVP or Bale, but I'm going to say Bale. In one season alone he merged into one of the best players in the world, and his goals have been better than all his competition. He runs past people effortlessly and has lit the premier league alight this season.
  3. Suarez is nothing but a cheat.

    As much as it pains me to say it, as he's a cheat also, Bale deserves it. Best player this season. RVP has been good but he hasn't scored in quite a while.
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  4. Why shouldn't Suarez get it? He's one of the top scorers in the league, surely he has to be in with a shout. He's a cheating Lil shit but still.
  5. He's a solid third maybe. He scores in the little games imo. Rarely dominates the big games and doesn't help Liverpool beat their rivals, where as Bale has tore the big teams apart. RVP has scored against chelsea, city, Liverpool, arsenal etc so I would still make a shout for him. Suarez is hit or miss and his record is good because when he hits against smaller teams he gets quite a few. He's world class but he hasn't been in bales league this season imo or rvps.
  6. what about juan mata? He's been great this season
  7. Has been good, but can you say he's been in the same class as Suarez, Bale and RVP? Or even Michu?
  8. imo yes deserves to be nominated at least
  9. Bale....Next season he's coming to Real Madrid :otunga:
  10. Good, don't need shits like him dragging our beatiful game through the dirt with his cheating antics. Can take it to La Liga.
  11. Who needs Bale when we have Connor Wickam.

  12. Wickam = legend 6 games 1 goal, obviously he'll fire them to safety. BELIEVE IN THE ENGLISH TORRES CRAYO BELIEVE.
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  13. Future Ballon D'or winner for sure.
  14. :haha:
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  15. [​IMG]

    R.I.P. Sunderland A.F.C
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  16. Suarez vs Bale

    Apps: 27-24
    Goals: 22-17
    Mins per goal: 115-132
    Shots: 116-94
    On target: 54-54
    Assists: 4-1
    Passes: 974-807

    These stats may be a little unaccurate because some of the stats are a few weeks old. But I don't think you should dismiss Suarez chance to win the Player of the year award, not yet anyway!
  17. Could you get Van Persie's too, by any chance?
  18. Sure!

    Games: 28
    Goals: 19
    Mins per goal: 117
    On target: 44

    These were the ones I could find!
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