Extreme Rules ER 2015 Mid Card Match Announced

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lackin, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. John Cena vs Rusev - US TITLE
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  2. Yeah, it was pretty predictable they were gonna go with Rusev vs Cena at Extreme Rules.

    The outcome has already been set (open)

  3. Yh it was gonna happen. What Stipulation do you think it's going to be?
  4. Well, there are a lot of options, obviously. It's a bit early to tell now.
    But, we all know Cena loves them 'I Quit' and 'Last Man Standing' matches, so... It wouldn't surprise me if it ends up being either of those two.

    Every single match on the ER card needs to have some sort of stipulation. I find it extremely lame that nowadays there's usually one or two matches with some sort of 'extreme' stipulation.
  5. I dunno why but I think there gonna go for a boring option like a table match. Easy to lose the match.
  6. Yeah, just think of the lamest option and that's what WWE might just go with. lol
  7. They could have a Submissions Count Anywhere Match. Could be interesting to see IF they actually leave Ringside (go backstage and into the stands), too many FCA matches don't go anywhere.
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  8. Well, OK. Mandatory rematch I guess. Should be fun, especially given it'll be a stipulation match.
  9. I hope they make it more interesting as to me it looked like Rusev lost to easy at WM.
  10. 3 PPV in a row for Cena/Rusev.. geeze and I thought Cena/Orton was bad, I wish I had those days back.
  11. I can't be arsed with all this patriotic crap week after week.
  12. How about Ultimate Submission? I think Sheamus and Bryan had a good match 2 years ago at Extreme Rules, this could possibly be quite good. Rusev could still look really strong if he makes Cena tap out once.
  13. LOL, Cena ain't tapping out to nobody.
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  14. I hope you're kidding. Their feud, thus far, is nothing like Cena and orton. Lol

    I'm not against superstars having a feud for 3 straight PPV's as it can make the feud seem more personal and show how much the 2 stars hate each other. So far, they're 1 and 1... Let's see the rubber match. What I don't like is when, much like randy and Cena, they not only do 3 straight PPV... But even in the same year, they continue a feud and have them fight a couple more times... Then it makes the WWE look like they're running out of ideas and desperate.
  15. Bryan and sheamus had a two out of 3 falls match. Cena only knows one submission. They should bring ultimate submission back only had the one. Imagine Bork vs Bryan :fap:
  16. 2 guys who aren't submission experts having a submission match sounds bad if you ask me.

    It would be different if Rusev specialized in this, but he doesn't. Like Cena, he has one move that's a strong submission. Otherwise, he doesn't really ever use them.

    Bryan and Sheamus could have a submission fight because Bryan could carry Sheamus in this battle as Bryan is a submission wrestler.
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  19. This is the lamest ass feud lol. Can't believe it is this drawn out. At least after Cena uses up Rusev I probably won't have to hear his name except as a punchline in the future.
  20. A Submission or I Quit match would make sense since Rusev beat Cena by 'submission' and Cena would probably love to return the favor by getting Rusev to tap out or utter the words "I Quit" for revenge, especially since it would be WWE's way of giving Cena the accolade of being the first man to both pin Rusev as well as force him to tap out (and in back-to-back consecutive matches, no less), ala Great Khali in 2007.
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