Extreme Rules ER Main Event

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. There you have it folks. Another rushed Ryback title match. Anyone think he has a chance?
  2. Ryback is not credible,he has lost all his big matches. Even if he did win it would look silly and undermine wwe further.
  3. Probably a stress decision due to Rock's injury.
  4. Throw Henry in there
  5. That sounds terrible.

    What's with Sheamus being in the adverts and the poster? Would love to see Sheamus, Orton and Show in some sort of Triple Threat match.
  6. Yea no reason to not make it a triple threat.

    Obviously Cena is retaining.
  7. Dolph should be main eventing WM
  8. What about Henry?
  9. WHERE'S THE ROCK IN THIS? ER without Rocky/Cena wouldn't be another WWE lie... What match would Rocky be in if he isn't in the WWE title match?
  10. Hopefully they throw Henry in there, Cena/Ryback needs to be protected for a few months. Besides, is Ryback ever gonna get a PPV win?
  11. Off with a torn fricking abductor muscle.
  12. I knew his injury but don't think he's missing ER at all, he's the people's champ and he loves us, he'll fight injured!

    Now seriously, wish he gets well but should fight once for the WWE title and his contact expires after ER (or that's what I know atm)
  14. If he's even slightly hurt, he won't fight, because he's off to film Hercules soon.
  15. I know but doesn't make sense that WWE extends his contract if he isn't going to fight anymore... Really think he'll appear and claim his rematch, Cena could be the champion forever if he doesn't claim the rematch...
  16. Course it makes sense. He'll be back eventually to fight with Bork Laser.
  17. Maybe he does that when Cena loses his title against Bork Laser. But his contract would be expired...
  18. That makes no sense. He hasn't even beaten Henry yet. He should beat Henry at ER (although, I don't want to see Henry losing like that) and fight some other mid carders to prepare him for the Title match at Summerslam. They're rushing this feud too fast.
  19. *Comments on thread*

    *Decides to make exact same thread a day later*
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  20. Crayo, you're drunk. Go home.
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