Eric Bi***off Finally Answers To Scott Steiner; Slams Shane Douglas

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Eric Bischoff has finally responded to Scott Steiner's numerous messages on Twitter over the past month blasting him.

    After "Big Poppa Pump" wrote Thursday afternoon on the social networking website, "At Shoney's to Go Grand Opening in Buford....awesome food," the TNA Wrestling executive responded, "50+ year old man pitching greasy fried chicken in Buford and wrestling indys in front of 250 fans...bitter?"

    Bischoff feels it's ironic that Steiner complains about young talent not rising in TNA Wrestling while simultaneously ripping his 28-year-old wrestler son Garrett: "Its hard for some guys to move over and let the younger talent rise. Irony? One of Scotts bitches in his 20's and 30's."

    Bischoff then retweeted comments on his timeline with an anti-Steiner stance, many of which accusing him of drug abuse.

    "@ScottSteiner @HulkHogan @EBischoff Steiner's bitter. He'd be there tomorrow if he were called upon. His matches were slow and boring anyway."

    "@ScottSteiner U must have a sad f***in life if all u do is waffle on about @HulkHogan and @EBischoff all day on this #steroidjunkie."

    "@ScottSteiner You're tweets make as much sense as your promos did... In other words, you're a babbling, old, drug abusing fool @EBischoff."

    "@ScottSteiner Get a life you complete tit, Spending all day going on about @EBischoff and @HulkHogan get some respect."

    "@EBischoff Scott Steiner sounds like a disgruntled ex girlfriend!"

    "@EBischoff don't listen to the dabbling jealous wreck that is @scottsteiner, WWE needs to offer him the ex-employees the wellness rehab."

    "@EBischoff it would appear that Scott steiner has his head in his ass, as well as a needle."

    A Twitter user also wrote, "@EBischoff I bet if Hulk sold used toilet paper, it would triple the sales of @ScottSteiner merchandise. Bischoff responded, "Thats being generous. Be kind to Scott. His AARP card is active and it's an adjustment for him."

    Bischoff also took aim at Shane Douglas, who has accused the TNA Wrestling executive off of "killing pro wrestling" in multiple interviews: "It takes a while...but eventually they get it. Shane is a loud mouth never-been, never will be, bitter old man trying to relive."

    :kiss: #TwitterWar

    I think I'll keep my cool on this one.:burns:
  2. He's a total tool and needs to leave the professional wrestling business permanently. Him, and his son, are talentless fucking idiots.
  3. Now Steiner has responded to Bitchoff, check this out, it's remarkable:!/scottsteiner

    WAR~~~! Lulz, Steiner threatens to kick their ass.:otunga:
  4. I'd pay thousands to see Eric get his ass beaten by Steiner.
  5. This war is pretty amusing. I thought Stenier would have stopped by now but he hasn't. :sir:
  6. Steiner is stubborn and vigilant is anything. How long has he been waiting for Bishoff to respond?
  7. Who knows but the freak is going to make Eric scream.
  8. Anybody a good bookie here? Because I'm damn ready to lay out the perchents of :steiner: kicking Mr. Bischoff in the gut.
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