Eric Bischoff being paid to sit at home

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  1. Dave Meltzer mentioned on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that Eric Bischoff was sent home and will get paid for the remainder of his contract, which is expires early next year. Meltzer also noted that Bischoff is out of power and is “gone.”

    “He wasn’t at the PPV, [he] wasn’t at the last TV, [he] won’t be around,” Meltzer said. “A lot of people are really happy on that one, Eric was not very well liked there. Eric got exposed… Eric was very lucky that he had some very smart people propping him up in the WCW days and those people aren’t there now, and he got exposed on this run real bad.”

    The full episode is available to download at this link.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Well, it did seem like he wasn't really liked by anyone anyway, so great.
  4. Fuck that guy anyway, Fire him so its not a waste of cash.
  5. What about his talentless son? Are they kicking him out too? I'd hope so.
  6. I liked some of the production shit he did, decent heel run too. CaCan't say it's a bad cut though.
  7. Probably. In what may be the indication of it, his Aces and 8s partner Knux is advertised for the UK tour, while Garett isn't.

    It's a good thing Eric and Hulk are finally gone and done ruining TNA.
  8. If you fire someone who's under a contract, you have to essentially pay up their contract. Unless they've broken a term of the contract, like improper conduct or something. I agree though, it would be better to just pay up his contract and part ways. At least then he is officially gone.
  9. TNA wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire before their arrival, but I am happy that Hulk is gone so he can come back home to WWE. Especially in time for WrestleMania 30, THE HOUSE THAT HULKSTER BUILT!!

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  10. Hogan comes back then fuck WWE, Hogan is a good for nothing waste of cash guy. He wrestles at Mania its a piss break.
  11. It's good to see the true blue fans like you!
  12. That's cuz you're 15, you don't have the nostalgia of being around for the height of Hulkamania.
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  13. Age has nothing to do with it, I'd mark my rather luscious nipples off for him.
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  14. I don't think 15 year olds are capable of nostalgia at all. What's there to be nostalgic about? The crib?
  15. 4 years, a difference makes mmmmmmmmm
  16. 56k modems?
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  17. I'm so old I'm your dad.

  18. Aol
  19. You've got mail!
  20. It has nothing to do with that, I understand all of that but he is just a washed up good for nothing man, Look what he did to TNA.
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