Eric Bischoff Discusses Format Plans for IMPACT

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Eric Bischoff was recently on the One Wrestling Show where he talked about his ideas to incorporate elements from reality television into the TNA product. In addition to "Open Fight Night", Bischoff revealed two other impending concepts as well as the general monthly format for IMPACT Wrestling in the near future. Listen to the audio clip below:

    Discuss. :taker:
  2. Really can't stand this douche.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Image doesn't work. Man you must be mad.
  5. Works fine for me :lol1:
  6. Nice try.

  7. Idk what you are talking about.
  8. My photoshop skills are amazing right? -.-
  9. Pretty solid, I'll give you that
  10. I'll bet my life savings that Crayo didn't even listen what Bitchoff said. :pity:

    You know my standpoint on all of this, but c'mon, don't be such a (s)mark or a know-it-all.
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  11. I've listened to everything Eric, Hulk and Steiner have said during this shitty immature gay ass feud. Steiner is right on some things, Eric is right on some things, Hulk's too busy sex-taping it up to be right on anything. They're all idiots, yes, Steiner is an idiot. None of them look good here. Steiner however is exposing what many people think...

    Eric tries to come off as being the mature one, but his twitter comments back at Steiner were just as disgraceful as Steiner's. It's pathetic. To think Eric is the producer of TNA too...

    I doubt we'd see Vince and co going around slagging off the ex-stars that call out WWE, and there are tons. They act like fuck tards behind the scenes.
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  12. Yes, they all act like they look. Old dumbass fools.

    Mostly, I'm with Steiner even tough he acts hypcritical of sorts, and on some things I'm with Bitchoff, but Hogan brother..... He's just stupid.

    I just wish they all meet together, try to discuss it and act like men, not do it via twitter WAR~~~!.

    If discussing don't work, then we know who'll be pissing whos shoelaces. :boss:
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  13. I wish they'd meet up so Steiner could whip both their asses.
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  14. It'd b something like this:


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