Hell in a Cell Eric Bischoff gives his opinion on the women's HIAC match

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  1. He had this to say on his podcast:

    I don’t like it at all. I don’t like it. The standard for Hell in a Cell is pretty high. It physically is what it is. It’s a hardcore match. It’s an extreme match. It’s all of the above and then some. I’ve talked before about expectations and managing expectations with the audience. Sometimes you can do such a great job building something up that you forgot to remember that you also have to deliver. I am not taking anything away from either of those athletes that happen to be women. I am suggesting that the audience may not necessarily want to see that type of entertainment and that type of match out of that type of an athlete. That’s just my opinion.


    I think he has it in the back of his mind that they will have to do what a lot of the men have done in the past to deliver and not everyone wants to see that. I agree in the sense that I wouldn't want to see a couple of women bleeding like a lot of the guys do during these matches BUT to say they can't deliver without that is a bit much.
  2. I personally don't care what Eric Bischoff's opinion is...

    Yes...the Hell In A Cell bar is set incredibly high...mainly
    because of the original match and its sequel...but I believe
    Charlotte and Sasha have the skills and endurance to put
    on a great match regardless of past HIAC matches.
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  3. WWE doesn't let men bleed, so women bleeding won't be a problem.

    The bar for Hell in a Cell has been set so low, that they can put on a great match by pulling a mildly altered version of their original RAW match. There hasn't been a Hell in a Cell match worth watching since 2008, with the few exceptions at WrestleMania.
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  4. Can't wait for the girls to prove Bischoff wrong, because they do have the ambition to deliver and make this historic HIAC match great.
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  5. They allow blood but it seems this is only for a select few. Either way, I am sure the match will be better than he thinks.
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  6. A lot of fans are shitting on this match and most of these fans are the same people who cried for Women to get more opportunities. Now they have one, a unique one and they don't need to kill themselves to make the most of it.
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  7. I say give them the opportunity to make the match work. Society thinks "Oh, women are so delicate, they can't be violent" while at the same time saying they deserve to be equal, and saying the opposite about men.

    Let them try to put on a good match. Hell, you don't even need to go extreme with the weapons, just use the cage well and maybe bring in a couple of chairs or something. Sasha and Charlotte have had a lot of good matches before, they can do it again, and if you use this environment right, can add more.
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  8. I am one of those people who don't like violent fighting between women. I cringed the one time I watched 2 minutes of a women's UFC match. I know women can be tough as the guys but it isn't my cup of tea. I don't even like seeing guys go at it too hard. I get what you are saying but I firmly believe that the genders are and forever will be different and that is what makes them work. If both men and women acted and thought the same, that would be mighty boring. Equal rights and opportunities yes, gender genocide, no thanks.

    Women have put on tough matches in the past. This dude is honestly being a douche to think two of the best women wrestlers they have can't.
  9. Being someone who has seen MANY of Bischoff's decisions in the past 20 years, him not liking this match is an endorsement for how good it can be.
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  10. I don't know much about the dude, he just comes off one of those dudes that will always put certain people, be it an issue of sex or not, over others. Him just saying it has nothing to do with them being women makes it sure sound like it does have to do with them being women. It is funny too, the way a woman's body is made, it is meant to handle more pain than a man. So if someone honestly believes they can't handle a hardcore match, they are full of it. I just personally don't want to see it. lol They don't need a heavy violent match to put on a show worth watching. If anything, those are the kinds of things that take away from actual wrestling skill. I can bet this will end up being one of the best matches of the year. I still remember being in shock after that triple threat with Char, Sasha, and Becky.
  11. :finger:Eric Bischoff!
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  12. Bischoff can get in the bin, along with his garbage opinions.
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  13. Do not care. Give them a chance hopefully it will be great. THe 1998 Taker/Mankind still makes me cringe when I see it that is to far IMHO./ See what they can do with it.
  14. I see where bischoff is coming from, but HIAC isn't near the same intensity that it used to be. Every year we get mediocre HiAC matches that are no where near as devastating as they were in years past.

    The last good HIAC was when Brock fought taker. It's a one off match though. And you don't see ones like that unless it's a really special occasion. Basically Sasha and Charlotte can get away with working a normal match, then randomly hit each other with a chair or use a table. It'll go over fine as that's what they've been doing for like 8 years.
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