Eric Bischoff: "PPV model has changed drastically"

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  1. In an interview with Sherdog, Eric Bischoff discussed the current state of the pay-per-view business for pro wrestling and MMA.
  2. I agree, it's true, nowadays we use sites to see wrestling ppvs for free and that's not always good, I pay all the ppvs because I know that happens but it's really bad to see that happening imo
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  3. Yeah, streaming PPVs is what many people do these days.
  4. You are also not American. What do you pay for PPVs? 10-15? Over here it is 50 bones a pop
  5. Wait you are Muricans? What a goody two shoes
  6. I'm from Boston so that makes me American :pity:
  7. Already realized that :pity2:
  8. So... You're american too?
  9. It's not really a streaming issue (although that is an issue), it's that why would I want to pay to see Turning Point when there's bound to be a balls-awesome Sunday Night Football game on? Why would I pay 50 bucks for Sacrifice when I could be out on a date (:haha:)? Why would I pay 50 bucks for Victory Road... ever?

    Bischoff has a point for once in his life, this PPV model is horrible. Vince once said that he thinks people pitch in (groups of 10 pay $5 each) to pay his exorbitant PPV prices, but it really can't be justified. Charging $50 for a PPV in the days of cheaper entertainment is just silly.
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  10. +1

    That's why this 4 PPVs a year model should a success.
  11. It's a great idea in theory, although they really have to ramp up the build... the build to Lockdown left a lot to be desired. Figure the idea was to have like 3 months of build to Slammiversary, and with long-term storytelling they can make it feel like it's worth the $50.

    Hey, TNA can do it.
  12. It needs to be specified that I am American? I'm the All American American of these boards
  13. Weed tha people
  14. I agree with this. I'm a cheap college student so I don't even have cable/satellite in the first place. Even if I did I don't think I'd purchase a PPV since I don't have that much money to purchase one. The quality can be poor with the streams but it works and if you have an HDMI cable like I do you can easily connect it to your TV and watch it on a bigger screen. For me there's no reason to have to pay for it :lol1:
  15. You on the TNA section ? :wtf:
  16. Nah I've only seen a few TNA matches. I only watch the WWE.
  17. These assholes that stream PPVs are killing the wrestling business. :bury:
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  18. Lol Who pays for the PPV? Ive never EVEER bought a PPV and I wouldnt even if I have enough money
  19. I'm not paying for PPVs, and I don't feel guilty one bit. If Wrestling dies because of it, so be it. I'll just watch more porn and cartoons.
  20. You can buy the ppvs online and get great quality, then stream it to your tv. You don't need a satellite or cable to watch ppv's.

    Anyways, I think i've watched one raw from a stream. I don't know how you guys could manage to watch an interesting ppv on a stream(unless it's a hd stream directly from tna or wwe which is like 10-15 bucks cheaper btw) I don't know. I'm not sure how TNA is, but WWE threw in two free ppvs this year for me. I understand that people don't have money but I would atleast save up money for the ones you want to watch.
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