Eric Bischoff Will Be Working With Jeff Jarrett's GFW

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 27, 2015.

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  2. "OK Jeff. I've got a brilliant groundbreaking idea. We have a stable of bad guys, outsiders, who are going to look to invade the company somehow. THEN we get a stable of good guys to try and stop them."

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  3. Mr. One-Trick-Pony, fuck this horseshit.
  4. GFW is dead before it gets off the ground...

    Global Fail Wrestling.
  5. out of buildness before buildness ever builded. RIP shut the doors
  6. FINALLY... Gareth Bischoff gets his main event push
  7. I get a feeling this GFW will give me many laughs, not necessarily in a good way. I can also see Jeff calling Cornette, begging him to come in, hanging up and immediately calling Vince Russo also. This is going to be great
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  8. Rumor On Talents Jeff Jarrett And GFW Have Reached Out To, Jarrett Denies Eric Bischoff Story, More

  9. Roddy Strong for GFW? Sounds Interesting...

    Masters and Benjamin sound interesting as well, I actually enjoy Chris Masters when I do watch a PCW event, he's one the top heels there. Benjamin, Yes, I'd like him there.

    Team 3D is eh, I feel Bully Ray can still offer something in the singles department but D-Von I'm unsure of....Eh, I dunno.
  10. Well, if they do get Roddy I hope he can still work ROH.
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