Eric Rowan doesnt wrestle much is he even ready?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Ive noticed Eric Rowan doesnt wrestle much is he even ready for the main roster? Luke Harper seems more experienced and gets more ring time out of the two. What is going on?
  2. I think it's something like Bray being the leader then Harper being second kind-of leader and getting Luke Harper to help out when his brother is in trouble.
  3. does he even lift I wonder?
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  4. Harper does have more experience, I'm sure he's been wrestling longer than Rowan has. So for me it makes that he'd get the most ring time, Rowan is fine for tag matches as he's not exposed.
  5. IT's because he has no soul, so he gets tired more easily.
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  6. Wyatt and Harper both have bright futures. Erik Rowan is sort of the deadwood of the group to me. I like his presence there, but he is the one with the least brightest future once the Wyatt family splits apart IMO.
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  7. Rowan is pretty damn awful IMO, don't see any upside to him bar his size.
  8. From a kayfabe standpoint Rowan shouldn't be able to wrassle so well. He's from some inbred redneck part of the woods so I don't think they teach pro wrestling out there. But yeah he is the dead weight of the three. Wyatt and Harper are gonna have bright futures. Especially Harper I think. Next monster right there (plus easier for him to switch gimmicks than Bray I believe.)
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  9. Yeah I wasn't keen on Harper in Chikara bar his cage with CC but I put that down more to Claudio but he's grown on me alot. His big boot is a thing of beauty.
  10. He seems to be getting a mini singles run on NXT right now. Had a stiff fricking match with Chris Ohno two weeks ago. Plus he's getting a lot of ring time on the main roster shows which is good. He'll break out once the family is over methinks.
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  11. Is this a ginger joke? If so, nice one. Stupid gingers.
  12. Harper is fascinating to me(heyyyy hey hey and well enough mat skills), but haven't had a chance to hear him speak. Bray is decent in the ring with exceptional mic skills. So, the two of them have shown me something, meanwhile rowan nothing.

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  14. yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah
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  16. Don't know why I expected a much deeper voice.
  17. This doesnt sit well for Eric Rowan in the future when they break up he will totally be exposed in singles matches then I think he should spend more in NXT before being called up you cant have Luke Harper covering for him
  18. Well, you can, at least for the duration of the Wyatt Family.
  19. That was a good match. Sad to hear the news about OhNo afterwards though
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