Eric Young Possibly Leaving TNA?

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  1. Eric Young, one-half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, teased a potential departure from the company on his Twitter account:

    “TNA Live shows in MI and Windsor Canada. I’ll be there could be my last live shows with TNA come and get crazy with me!”

    :upset: Eric Young has been focused mostly on his work for "Off the Hook: Extreme Catches" this past year (with the show recently renewed for a second season on Animal Planet next year) so it would come as no surprise if he does decide to leave TNA soon. :upset:
  2. Ehn, I didn't like him that much.
  3. He's a legend and an Original of TNA, played comedy character like a boss, but played heel #2 in the company back in 2009 even better.
  4. With Nash? I liked him with Curry Man and Shark Boy. :dawg:
  5. He wasn't either Curry Man or Shark Boy, if you're saying that? It was Daniels the Curry Man, and Shark Boy is Shark Boy (the GOAT).

    Back in 2009, Kurt Angle and Eric Young were #1 and #2 heels in TNA as the leaders of the united Main Event Mafia and World Elite factions.
  6. Underrated guy in the ring and a TNA original. Sad to see him go if he does but it opens up ODB for feuding with Tara for the singles title.
  7. The Justice Brotherhood.

    It was so goofy but kinda funny.
  8. Isn't ODB already chasing Tara for the KO gold? :dafuq:

    Turning Point title match I believe.
  9. See what I'm talking about :testify:
  10. I know :testify:

    Seriously, I hope he stays with TNA.
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  11. :sad: I also hope he stays, he plays the comedy role well and is talented.
  12. Well he's booked for Turning Point. Match ending can suggest how the negotiations are going, I guess.
  13. He's like Santino, except he has a pen**
  14. Meh, no big deal for me. TNA won't use him right so it's probably not the company for him.
  15. He should be the Aces & Eights muscle. :vince:
  16. Would be sad, they could use him better, but if he has to leave he has to go. Not entirely heart broken.
  17. Not looking like he's going away, at least judging by the PPV.
  18. Yeah, I was pretty sure he was going to lose but since they won he'll probably stay.
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