Erich Bischoff not a nice guy?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by James, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. i thought erich bischoffs character was suppoused too be a nice guy but when he was a commentator a few nights a go on TNA explosion he was really rude too the ohter commentator

    have i got the wrong impression of bischoff?
  2. He's a heel. Also moved this to the TNA section.
  3. As seabs said, he's a heel. I just wish he was fired.
  4. It a storyline almost alway Eric has ALWAY play a heel role most of the time wether its WCW,WWE or I gress TNA! It what good at being! But in Real life he a different guy don't know if he a jerk ass or now as I never meat him and I have got different people that I know meat him and his giving different opeion on him. So idk for sore if he good or a jerk ass in real life?
  5. Bischoff is an entertaining on screen character and I find him funny. I still question his true value to the creative team now he has more power since Russo is gone, but only time'll tell, though.
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  6. Bischoff and Flair are the two biggest faces in Impact right now IMO. They want Garrett Bischoff to gtfo, just like I do! They are heroes!
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  7. [​IMG]

    So true, so bloody true, so cruel, so liked and so repped.:arn:
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  8. When are they going to drop that bullshit?
  9. Who knows. I'm hoping he gets a match at Lockdown in Nashville and gets boo'd straight to hell
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  10. God I hope this happens. If it does I'll +10 you.
  11. Well my guess is his stupid ass storyline will be the center of a lethal lockdown match.

    Garrett + Hardy + ? + ? on Team Hogan vs Gunner + Angle + ? + ? on Team Flair/Bischoff

    which sucks because I really wanted to see Hardy and Angle 1 on 1 in a cage, not be thrown into this stupid shit
  12. Oh god that's horrific. Completely agree. I despise it when any company puts unrelated feuds into other feuds. Why would Angle care about helping Flair/Bischoff?
  13. You'd have to watch Impact for his explanation. He basically said he was happy to help because he hates Garrett because he is disrespectful.

    pretty retarded because Angle/Hardy feud had a lot of potential with Angle being pissed that his kid was a Hardy mark
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