Erick Rowan's creepy video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Check this out, folks.

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  2. is WWE creating their own version of Crazzy Steve from TNA?
  3. Nah. Steve is a clown, Rowan isn't.
  4. I like this shit
  5. It's like one of those angsty art project videos littered all over the deep web.
  6. Looks like he was smoking a crack pipe
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    I like it. This is exactly what i love about the brand split though, dudes like him getting actual chances to build their characters and have actual feuds. I'm excited for more of this stuff from anyone. Long live the brand split.
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    People need to be more acceptive, like DK.

    Personally look forward to this, after the botched split of the Wyatt Family, this is the chance for the Family to get their spotlight.
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  9. Ok this will be interesting... Scarier than Bray actually
  10. Didn't he get drafted to SD along with Bray? Or did they split regardless?
  11. Yes, he is on SD along with Bray. Strowman was split up from the family and drafted to RAW.
  12. This vid and the word alone appearing at the end makes me think he's splitting off from the family too. Love the vid though.
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  13. That vid could be a set up for what his character might be when his singles career takes off. I don't think The Wyatts will be split up abruptly this time, even though Strowman's drafted to RAW, the other two are on SD and Harper's still out due to injury, but you never know, I guess.
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  14. Any word on how much longer Harper will be out?

    And what is the WWE's obsession with splitting up the Wyatts, anyway?
  15. Lack of creativity and direction for the stable?

    But yeah, it sucks.
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