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  1. Hey there, my name is CFCrusader and I'm a 14 year old wrestling fan. I got into wrestling after seeing the last few PPVs of 2011, and then I got hooked during CM Punk's year old reign as the WWE champion. My favourite three wrestlers are CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry. Of course, I also watch TNA and the PPV that got me hooked on it was Slammiversary 2012. Truely amazing stuff and now I watch at least 3 hours of wrestling a week. I live in England and I watch football (soccer to the 'MURICANS) and I support Chelsea FC. That inspired my username, indeed. So yeah, I do watch dem ponies (I'm a brony, yes, yes) and Doctor Who. yeah, I'm not sure what else to say about myself so I do welcome questions.

    I have a tumblr account and occassionally make icons/edits of wrestlers and footballers so if you want to check it out, it is

    - CFCrusader
    Resident YES Man
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  2. Welcome to the Forums! :emoji_slight_smile:) Nice choice of guys, I'm sure you'll find other CM Punk marks here *ehem* ZERO *ehem* to befriend!

    I'm not a soccer girl so I hope you'll find members who loves football too! The owner loves football, so... yeah. :emoji_grin:

    Who do you mark for in TNA?

    AND Niceee! A fan of Doctor Who! I haven't started watching it but I know it's an awesome show!
  3. Hey man, welcome to the forum. Great taste in wrestlers you have there, shame about the football club :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. I'm a United fan. I'm a massive Doctor Who fan as well :yay:.
  4. Welcome to WWEF bro.
  5. Hello,

    <<<<< Gary Lloyd welcomes you to WWEForums!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, only 24 minutes after I posted this as well, I have a couple of replies.

    Scarlette: I marked out for Roode because of his theme song, then Samoa Joe because I love how he's quite a big guy but moves like a feather and now I mark out for Sabin. HAIL SABIN! :win:

    Crayo: You're the owner, right? Nice to meet you, I'm so sorry about your taste in clubs. (24 minutes after his debut, CF was banned.):booker:
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  7. Welcome to the forums.

  8. I love your choice of guys. Seems to me you're already having fun! <3
  9. Welcome to the forums.
  10. I love you all, already. Having lots of fun here! ^^:please:
  11. Welcome man! Need any help feel free to PM me! :emoji_grin:
  12. CM Punk mark? :yay:
  13. :yes::fap:
  14. :woo:i luv you forevah
  15. :gtfo:asshole.
  16. Welcome mannn, you seem pretty sweet already. Hope you stick around.
  17. :yay: :isee: CM PUNK CM PUNK CM PUNK
  18. You cheated on me with Muffy a while back. :emoji_slight_frown:
  19. No I didn't,but I should have now.
  20. I'm sorreh, bbe. :please:
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