Forum Game Escape game: you're being hunted by the police and must get out of the country

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. In New York City you have been charged with a murder you did not commit. The powers-that-be WILL put you away for a long time even though you are innocent. You were able to get out of your house before the arrest party with the following items:

    -Clothes on your back
    -Backpack with basic toiletries and change of clothes
    -Swiss army knife
    -Cell phone (locked to your provider)
    -Your wallet, which has $200 in cash and all your credit cards
    -Your passport

    A city-wide manhunt is being implemented as we speak. Soon your face will be on the evening news. Police will be looking for you in bus and train stations.

    How do you get out of the country?
  2. kill myself cause I'm probably going to get caught and dont want to spend many years in jail
  3. Probably head to the Winchester, have a cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.

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  4. ^:laugh:


    Probably move to LA, Miami, Hawaii, or Spain and hide.
  5. I cross the border.
  6. How are u gonna hide in those places???

    If the city of NYC is looking for me and posting my face online and on TV I am moving to the fucking moon LOL
  7. 1. Steal boat.
    2. Travel up north a long the coast/near international waters for quick escape.
    3. Into Canada
    4. Book flight to random country.
  8. The Boat idea is great, much better than bus, train or plane. Depends on where u live though.
  9. I would steal a private boat when nobody can see me, move out of the US and I would probably go somewhere they would least expect to find me.
  10. I have my ways.. :obama:
  12. 1. Get a cheap mustache disguise for 5 bucks. = $195
    2.Dispose my cell phone sim and get a prepaid sim = H20 wireless sim for 99 cents = $194.01
    3. Dispose my credit cards in a lake so no one can find them.
    4. Trade in Laptop and gain roughly $500 = $694.01
    5. Arrive at the border secretly.
    6. If water border and assuming there is a coast guard, then assassinate all the guards with a swiss knife and jack a boat.
    7. Successfully escape country with a working phone to contact anyone I know out of the country to help me from there.
    8. Change my identity.
    9. Start a new life with 694 bucks and a job. Live at a cheap apartment/hotel/motel or live with a friend outside the country.
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  13. I'm proud to say I won this game.

  14. :yay:
  15. who the fuck do you think I am, Andy Dufresne?
  16. 1.Go to a friends house or a stash house.
    2. Smoke chron and search these forums, craigslist whore trade services for laptop
    3. Decide who to really kill
    4. steal their car and put them in the trunk.
    5. drive home and now i have a hostage.
    6. DB Cooper on the flight out of the country
    7. disappear.
  17. Going with Thewindyfan here. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  18. I would fake my own death, dye my eye brows, and attend my own funeral as a guy named Skip Shiffley.
  19. Move to Cuba....don't ask me how.
  20. How?


    it would benefit you if somebody found your card and started using them cause it would confuse the cops :emoji_grin:
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