News ESPN Employee Mocks WWE Star's Son on Social Media

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  1. This video says it all, ESPN reporter Amin Elhassan took to social media to mock Kevin Owens' son, Owen Steen after he had an emotional video, being happy that his father one his first "World Title" in WWE, stating he was happy "Until someone told him it was scripted." The tweet resulted in backlash from wrestlers, and wrestling fans alike. Here is a montage of them in the video, and I wonder, did that guy really cross the line a bit? Or was it just a "joke gone wrong?" Also do you think him or ESPN owes Kevin Owens and his son an apology?
  2. ESPN are a bunch of ****s. Some dude was shitting on Ichiro Suzuki not to long ago.
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  3. "All publicity is good publicity."

    It's the first time I've ever heard of the guy, so I suppose he is getting exactly what he wants.
  4. ESPN - home of the worst sports news ever
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  5. What a bunch of marks
  6. Legit no way to put this without sounding pissy/butthurt. How in the absolute fuck could anyone hate on Ichiro. He paved the way for a lot of badass stars in MLB to come over and make good money playing in the US. People who watch a lot of baseball think our rejects are sent there, and in some cases it's true, but jesus Ichrio is one of the GOAT outfielders easily.
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  7. This guy probably didn't cry at the end of The Green Mile because it was scripted.
  8. Damn this dude is such a douche.
  9. This douche has been made to apologize. Which is saying something about the WWE and ESPN partnership considering these type of mongs that ESPN employs never apologize.
  10. Are people really that upset some geek said wrestling is fake? The way people talk about this it looks like he slapped the boy and called him a retard or something, lol. This twitter bullshit
  11. He did call him a retard. Once fans responded to the guy, also informing him that Kevin's son suffers from a form of autism he pulled out the retard card
  12. Ah OK then. Nevermind.
  13. Hold up, where is this?
  14. It's been removed I believe. But the screencaps circulated heavy on twitter on the day of it. He started mocking Owen Steen for having autism. Nicest bit I can remember was "Who has autism, the wrestler or the kid?".

    This guy is a big piece of trash that lives the gimmick of bad troll. Him being forced to apologize says something about the new ESPN and WWE partnership since ESPN usually lets shitheads like this be
  15. If he was so sorry he wouldn't have spent the best part of two days talking shit at everyone else. He'll find something else to shit on soon enough, seems to be this shitlord's M.O.
  16. What a douchebag. Hope his next shite's a hedgehog.
  17. Oh, and he did apologize, even though it's a fake one.

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  18. He had too. I mean, it caused massive backlash from the wrestling fans and people in the industry. Not to mention ESPN's partnership with WWE... That man deserves to be FIRED!

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    Given everything he said I highly doubt the guy apologised on his own volition. What a dick.
  20. Well it's good he apologized but WWE has to take Cody Rhodes' advice in this situation and stand up
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