ESW Backyard Wrestling

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by PlaceboEffect89, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. I don't know if anyone's posted anything about this before (and to be completely honest, I'm almost wondering if backyard wrestling may or may not be frowned upon by most of you) but if you're a fan of backyard wrestling or even just curious... go check out the kids at ESW on YouTube. There are quite a few channels where you can find their matches and some of them are pretty damn good. I've always kinda been into backyard wrestling myself and just recently found this little backyard promotion out of Texas. It's actually pretty well done with a large fanbase. The promotion fell apart recently as the founder went off to college, but there are quite a few classic matches. Check it out.
  2. Holy shit. That was well worth watching. I did the Great Divide vs the champ and 2 others. Pretty awesome.
  3. I'm expecting Frank the jock to show up and take a chair to the head.
  4. That little kid would fuck him up.
  5. On that note, i liked it a lot better when it was censored. So much swearing/offense. If there is any way i could just get it turned on for me? Maybe just make Fuck and **** and other horrible words autocorrected to F*** etc.
  6. Marking for the FTJ mention.
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