Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. Anyone here watched it?
  2. Nah, don't think I've ever seen it.
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  3. I watched the first two episodes back in 2006. You were talking about SyFy's eureka series, weren't you?
  4. Yeah he is. I made him watch it.
  5. Watched like one episode. Dunno, I can't really seem to get into SyFy's shows...
  6. Then, as I said, I've watched a couple of episodes. Never liked it at all tbh.
  7. Well you suck then, it's awesome
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  8. Isn't Edge on the show?
  9. Definitely not
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  10. Oh, that's that other dumb show, Haven. My bad bro. They're all crappy shows imo
  11. fuck up hoff
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  12. Is it? I tried one episode once and it didn't grab my attention, but I know theres a few seasons out there. Speaking of SyFy shows, have you seen Alphas? I like that one. And Tomorrow People on CW. Basically, give someone powers in a show and I'll watch it, lol.
  13. Sorry I offended you bromandude. Well, no, not really, since you're gonna use that kind of tone with me, bro. All I did was offer my utmost honest answer, and you shat on it.
  14. I watched this show, it was pretty goddamn amazing for a Syfy show.. This and Warehouse 13 are two of the best shows they've ever created. Both shows could've gone on way longer by Syfy doesn't feel like upping their pays after the initial or second contracts so they just bury the shows and close it the best way they see fit.
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